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Seam ripper

We've been considering adoption for quite a while. The process has been started a couple times, but every time I think we will get somewhere and start the journey, I end up having to stop what I started and start over.

I highly dislike the seam ripper. I always tend to need it just as I thought everything is going along perfectly, but then I take a second to think and realize something isn't right.

Our adoption journey and a seam ripper have too much in common. Most of the time our "stitches" are ripped due to job uncertainty. This has happened twice before, and now we are going through it again. I started detailed contact with an agency and started paperwork when we learned Jon's job may be no longer in a couple months. So now we wait to make any decisions until we know what our job situation is. If we started the process and had a job change midway, it could cause us to have to re-do studies and paperwork, costing us a lot more money-that we don't have.