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Let it go?

Do you want the good news or bad news first?
Ok, I'll give you the good news... our dossier was sent in the mail to our agency! Hallelujah! Feels so good to get that off of our plate. Now it will be reviewed by the agency and once everything is A-ok it will be sent on to the Philippines.  So we now start a new waiting season. We are not sure if it will be a couple months or a few months until we hear back from the Philippines - please pray for "a couple"!!!! Either way, we are one step closer to bringing our Little C home! :)
Alright, now the bad news, or frustrating news at least... we are completely lost on what to do about our Ethiopia standing. Let me back up a little first - 
In the last few weeks we have been given word that there is a good chance Ethiopia could close international adoptions (meaning we would loose a future adoption, as well as all fees we have paid for already). We thought for sure they would close within a week or two, and then got word that it …

Philippines Dossier finished, well, almost

Just thought I'd quickly share that Jon and I have all of our dossier paperwork in order tonight!
Tomorrow we head to our amazing notary and get everything signed and stamped.
Then off in the mail it will go to our agency, where they will review it before forwarding it on to the Philippines.

We are almost there....

One of our "ends" are in sight!!!

Woot! Woot!

Have a great week everyone!
In Christ,

Over 5 feet of snow...and paperwork!

Question most asked of me lately - "how is the adoption coming along?!"
My answer - "We're getting there! And staying busy in the process!"

The last blog post was a month ago and my goodness we have stayed busy since then... well, other than when we were "lazing" around the house on all our cold/snow days! We have had way too many of those this year... Weeks of -40 degree temps and now we have at least 5.5 feet of snow!... but I digress. We've been busy - what have we been up to?

This weekend I will be performing in the musical "The Last Five Years". It has been a fun and challenging show to learn. I am one of two people in the cast and sing every other song - that's a lot of memorization! But I very much have enjoyed the challenge, especially since Jon has joined me! Jon is playing the drum set in the pit. This is the first show we have done together since we were in Jr. High - lol!! He has played for a bunch, and I have sung in a b…