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When silence is easiest

Life. Holy Toledo. Life has been, well, not sure if crazy really covers it at this point, but I'll go with that - Life has been crazy.

I've been silent for awhile. There are the obvious reasons for the silence -
A. I rarely have time to sit
B. I'm exhausted
C. Not a lot of time spent on me lately
D. There are things I legally cannot write about to keep our kiddos safe

But there are other reasons I've been silent. Silence is easy -  with silence, you don't have to answer the questions that haunt you. I think this silence comes from not knowing exactly what to say. The silence comes from this feeling of such overwhelming desire to have answers and knowledge of the unknown, that speaking outwardly of that unknown is - well - it's scary. About a month into our journey of welcoming four more children into our home, I read this article The Silence of Adoption and I understood everything this woman was saying. Her words struck a chord. It was exactly everything that …