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Owl city

No, I'm not writing to discuss the singer from my hometown- although it is exciting that my in-laws and husband personally know him! I digress... I wanted to share my exciting news that not only have I had 100 orders, but I've now made 100 owls!

I've stayed busy working on them. I had a large pile sewn just about ready for the rice, and this weekend I was finally able to fill them. They will be in the mail and delivered tomorrow-yey!

Now onto some pillow making and a car quilt for a little boy's new "big boy" bed! Excited to work on some new adventures!!! Although, I'd be happy to make more Owie Owls.

Jon just asked tonight if I was tired of them, and although I'm excited to do some other things, I really do enjoy making each owl and seeing all the different personalities in my owl city. :)

Thank you again for the support!!!


What I thought was a lofty, but hopefully attainable goal, has turned into a huge success. Within one and a half months I have officially sold over 100 Owie Owls!!! I am at 105 to be exact! AND I have future sales coming I have been told. And here I thought, if I was lucky, I would have sold 100 by June...

I can't tell you how excited this makes me and Jon, nor can we thank you all enough for the support and the orders that many of you have made!!!  I feel speechless when I think of the many blessings that these owls have already given us. There are many hours of waiting stitches poured into these owls. They will make for a fun story to share with our children when they are home.

the Birds & the Bees

Last night my 4-year old, Caleb, and I ended up in a short discussion about boy versus girl anatomy. He was quite groggy at the time, so I figured (or maybe just hoped) that this discussion was over... alas, it continued this morning. He just couldn't quite get over the fact that boys have different "parts" than girls do. To help make my point I said that "Mommy's have a couple things different than Daddy's do, such as only Mommy's can have a baby." Which led to the following conversation...

Caleb: When are we going to have another baby. I think we should have one.

Me: Well Caleb, Mom would really like that, but sometimes it doesn't work that way.

C: You could have another baby Mom

Me: Unfortunately it just doesn't always happen like that honey. I would like another baby but I don't think it will happen right now. Maybe someday.

C: But Mom, if you put God in your heart and ask Him, He will help you have a baby.

Loss of breath.
Eyes …

That feeling

It happened again. In church of all places. A place where a heavy heart should be thrown out of the window. A place where envy isn't welcome. A place where I should be reminded, more than any place else, that I should trust God.

That icky feeling happened.

The feeling where I question God. I wonder why.

The feeling where I envy the pregnant lady. I envy the families with multiple young children. I envy the baby being held.

I pretty much despise this feeling. I hate how it feels when it creeps up into my mind. I dislike the water that starts pooling in my eyes. And I feel like such a fool for having such thoughts.

The blessings in my life are beyond measure, especially when it comes to my wonderful little boy, Caleb. But I still question - "why?"

What do you suppose is God's answer when I ask? Is He scoffing at me and saying "not this again Mara." Is He pleading with me, "would you just Trust?" Is He rejoicing, saying "I'm thankful that…


Do you have children? If so, how much did you imagine about that child before he/she was born? Was your child going to look like you? Talk like you? Dress like you? How tall would your child be? Did you know she would have crooked teeth? Or be certain he would have acne as a teen? Did you know what shoe size he would wear? Could you imagine the hairstyles you would give her?

Imagine a child.  Imagine a child that is non-existent to your world. Imagine Your child.

I can't say that this activity was easy for me even when pregnant with my son. The only thing I could really imagine was that he would be cursed with my crazy hair! Sure, I do love my hair, but as a girl I can "tame" it with binders and irons - I was horrified that Caleb would have to deal with frizz and pouf - but, to my great relief, he has his father's hair...although, he might not be too happy about that when he hits 25... but I digress.  :)

Jon and I started completing our agency homework through a work…