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Davao Day 5 - The BEACH!

Our second full day together as a family and we spent it at the beach! These two boys are going to be so bored when we actually get home!

In just these couple days we've been learning some fun things about our son, Tope.

*He is a joker! He loves to play pranks, such as hiding in the room or shining us with a flashlight. He will often put his finger to his mouth in a "shhh" and with a glint in his eye point to whomever he is ready to play a prank on.

*Tope is also a HUGE eater. He has eaten everything we've put in front of him, but he definetly prefers pancit (asain stir-fry type noodle), fish dipped in soy sauce, and chicken dipped in gravy. He really loves his dips!!! He also likes sweet things such as juice and bananas.

*His speech is slurred, partly because of the language barrier, partly because of a speech impediment due to his cleft lip/palate. He will often talk in his native language, but he also knows some english and seems to understand at least basic direc…