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ICAB review - July 17!

Ok folks, here is the new news on the street!

First of all, I haven't written in awhile. There wasn't much to say, other than frustrating words, so I chose not to write. As many of you know, we had been waiting for the Philippines adoption board to review our paperwork to bring home Little C. We thought that this review would happen May 8th, but then were told it never happened and over two months later we still hadn't heard anything. This was so completely discouraging. I almost put thoughts of Little C "on hold" because I was so afraid that something was about to fall through. I became quite negative in this waiting period and started thinking the worst case scenario, instead of preparing and rejoicing for the upcoming events.  I kept myself busy with a community theater production and Jon has been very busy with his work, so I was able to keep everything on the backburner of my mind - but then the show ended, and I had way too much time on my hands to sit arou…