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A prayer answered! Jon...

Jon has been offered a job! 
We are thrilled!!! The job sort of came about out of nowhere. Without any knowledge of the job, Jon went to an interview for a different position (that he had waited two months to hear back from) and instead was offered an even better position with hardly any interview!! Thanks to previous experience with the organization and an obviously awesome recommendation from a friend, Jon landed a fantastic job. Not sure if I could have picked a better job for him myself!
He will be the new executive director for the Barron county Habitat for Humanity!!! 
Thank you to all of you who have been praying for him. We have dealt with job loss/changes in the past, but with the adoption process taking place at he same time, it seemed much more stressful. We are so very thankful God has provided in a fairly quick fashion (even if it did feel like forever) and that it is a job that fits almost everything Jon was looking for. 
And with that, we should have peaceful sleep toni…

Dreams are odd things.

Last night I had my first adoption dream. I've had quite a few pregnancy dreams in the past, but never an adoption dream. What struck me funny though, was it was not an international adoption. In my dream I met a young lady, maybe in her early 20's, who had recently learned she was pregnant and asked if we would consider raising her child. Of course, as dreams go, not everything was clear. I think at one point of time I was "in the body" of the girl that was pregnant and thinking about giving her child up for adoption. I was also "myself" and a wide range of emotions plagued me, even in my dream. 
Why do you think I had a dream about domestic adoption? And why is it that I haven't dreamed about adoption up until this point? 
Dreams are odd things. 

On a bigger picture, I've been daydreaming about our time when Little C comes home. I was thinking about next Christmas and how maybe we could have the work party at our home, and then I remembered there …

Pregnancy - How do I give this up?

If you've ever been pregnant, you understand the feeling of bearing a child. Yes, there are the aches and pains, the foot in the ribs, sleepless nights, and the pressure on the bladder. But there are also the flutters, the kicks, the flops & turns - the knowledge that you are one with your child. Being pregnant was one of the greatest blessings I could have ever been given. The gift of pregnancy is truly something I am thankful for every day. The fact that I was given that gift is a miracle, one that I do not take lightly. 
The anxious arrival of a baby, is, well, just that - anxious. However, there is a sense of certainty about the whole world of pregnancy. Gestational period is 9 months, therefore you have a pretty good estimate on when the baby is joining the family. Books, upon articles, upon other Mom's, inform you of what to expect and what life is like those 9 months and beyond. I found comfort, even through the anxious times, knowing that although this journey may …

A Daddy B-Day

(*These two are from Thanksgiving - Three generations! - Had to share the great pictures!)
So what do you do on a Daddy B-day Snow Day!?! Enjoy time with Daddy of course!

Started the morning with his birthday present - a coffee mug, to add to his ever-growing collection. Caleb and I picked this one up in July at an art fair.  We had to give him his present first thing so he could drink his morning coffee with his Birthday muffins! 

Birthday muffins are a tradition that Jon's Mom started. We have continued the tradition and very much enjoy it! Out of Jon's, Caleb's, and my birthday, I think only once in the last 12 or so years we haven't had muffins. We followed muffins with a bug puzzle that was difficult but fun and relaxing to do as a family.
After lunch, Jon went for a snowshoe hike giving Caleb and me some time to make Daddy's cake! Caleb came up with the idea... can you tell what it will be?...

A football! Caleb was so proud!

We braved the dicey roads so we c…

Happy Birthday Best Friend!

Today is a very special day, it is my best friend's birthday!!! Happy Birthday to my dear Husband!!!
We have gotten lucky and get to spend the whole day with him, due to a school snow day. Maybe he won't be excited to put up with us ALL day, but at least this way I will be able to get dishes done, make a special birthday cake, and actually get time to sit down with him for our traditional birthday breakfast. Yey!

I see great things in this coming year for Jon. I truly believe God has some new things in store for Jon that will be amazing. Please keep praying as he goes through a job search. He has an interview in a couple weeks for a great job that would be perfect for him. God's will be done, of course, but if I was to handpick a job for Jon - This would be it!!!

And of course, we are praying that in this new year of his, we will bring home our second child! Last night we made our trek to the local police department to get updated FBI fingerprints. We are currently trying…