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A 9-month paper birth

Random thought of the night, it took us 9 months to get ourselves finally on the waiting list to our children. It's like we "birthed" the waiting list! Ok, so that sounds kind of corny! But it is exactly what I thought!

Years ago adoptions happened within 9-12 months, from start to finish. Not so anymore. First I had thought the paperwork part would take only 3-4 months, I was very wrong, and most of that time this length was due to waiting for others to finish things. 9 months later we were more than relieved that the homestudy/dossier paperwork was done, and more than a little frustrated too that it had taken so long. When you read others stories, a "wait" for a child is typically measured from the time the couple is officially on the waiting list; therefore, we have been waiting 2 days now. When you put it like that, it sounds like we are just beginning this process! But no, we have 9 months already under our belts, plus the months of praying before that poi…

I'm SURER than you are!

Caleb: Mom, I want my hair to look like Daddy's!
Me:  Are you Sure you want to buzz your hair?!?
Caleb: I'm SURER than YOU are!

I gave in. My son had his very First buzz cut today! Oh my goodness, I think I almost cried! :)
He has been bugging me all summer to let him buzz his hair like Jon's, but I just didn't have the heart to do it. But today, I tried to remember that my son is growing up and can make his own decisions (on some things), so...

He definitely looks different to me. I already miss running my hands through his floppy hair. But Caleb, is still the same little boy, short hair or not. In truth, I am kind of enjoying being able to see his facial expressions better. If you know our little boy, you know he makes MANY fun expressions!

Caleb's words have been ringing in my ears since he said them this morning... "I'm surer than you are". How many times a day do you think God says that back to us? Most likely a lot, although maybe with better gram…

Changing seasons

Guess what we did tonight!?!
We bought our favorite ice cream - and it wasn't even on sale! Kid you not! lol!
Because we had reason to celebrate! We finally have an OFFICIAL DOSSIER and are now OFFICIALLY ON THE WAITING LIST!!!!


Ok, so maybe buying full-priced ice cream from a store isn't the most exciting celebration we could have done, but it sure was a happy moment eating it on our back deck with beautiful 75 degree weather and the sun starting to set (minus the mosquito's buzzing!).

So now begins another new season in our lives - the "Waiting Season". Have a feeling all of the stress of "paperwork season" will feel minor to the upcoming wait, but knowing that we have finally hit this stage of the game is really exciting. I can't help but smile.  :)

We have a couple other changes as well starting these next couple weeks. As of tomorrow, Jon will be wrapping up his job at Luther Park. They are trying to watch their budget so the…

When they come...

Today Caleb & I started a stash of special things for our newest little ones - when they come...

Jon and I were helping out at  a benefit auction at the camp Jon works for. While I was looking over the silent auction baskets, Caleb came running in to show me the creations he made in the craft room. He had made three bracelets - one for me, and "one for his brother and sister, when they come."

The only thing I could do at that moment was bend down and hug him so that he didn't see the instant tears well up in my eyes. I let him know how thoughtful and caring of a little boy he is. He longs so much for his brother that is "almost as old as he is, and a sister that is a baby"; and oh how I pray that he has his prayers answered soon.

Thursday we got a call about our paperwork, all looked good but a couple minor errors (for example, a date was written wrong at one spot), so those papers need the small things corrected and then sent back in. They should be sent e…