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6 Months of Bushels & Pecks!!!

Time to Celebrate!

It is a BIG day in the Schack world as we get to celebrate 6 MONTHS together as a family of four! Can hardly believe it! Time is going by so fast!

When I told Tope & Caleb tonight that today was a big milestone, Tope's eyes first became very wide with sparkles, and then he had the cutest smile (although, I think he was realizing that a celebration meant a treat was on the way!...). Although Tope may not understand the significance of this time frame, I do believe he is starting to understand the significance of how his life has been changing.

We have been watching Tope grow into his family, his surroundings, and learning how to be more and more himself wherever he goes. With all of this growth has come lots of wonderful times and many frustrating times, for both Tope & our family, but one thing is for sure, we are all very happy and can't imagine this life any different. 

During the last couple months, we have seen a huge improvement in Tope's c…

Tope's 6th Birthday!

Tope turned 6 in June! It was such a special day that we felt so blessed to share with our little boy.  Inevitebly, I felt the day was so special, that I felt like a mess the whole day because I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. This day needed to represent the five years of birthdays we had missed with him. He was our everything that day. Although I felt like a crazy anxious person, pretty sure he had an incredible day and was enjoying himself fully and thought everything was perfect.  And really it was perfect. OUR son was turning six. A day of celebration, cake, presents, and Family! What could be better?  We are so incredibly blessed to have finally shared in one of Tope's special days, and I can't thank God enough for bringing him home.  Here is to many many more birthdays with our very special Tope! We love you so much! Can't wait to see what year six brings you!