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Immigration Approved! One hurdle remains...

Friends & Family!!! We are one step closer to bringing home our Little C!!! Look what came in the mail today!

This Notice of Action means that immigration has cleared us to bring home Little C to the United States! The process to get this done was much more eventful than I would have liked it to be.  I've meant to write about it, but it was so frustrating and a downer that I never did.  Long story short - we didn't have all of the necessary paperwork from the Philippines, so the first letter I got from immigration made for a VERY SAD weekend. I thought I had done something wrong when sending in the paperwork! I was happy when I learned a couple days later that I had done everything correct, we were just still waiting for papers, and then out of the blue the papers showed up! They came without us contacting ICAB wondering where they were! But, of course, another hiccup, we were still missing one document. Ugh! The agony! So frustrating. But miraculously, that too showed up…

First Day of K! aka: Caleb is growing too fast!

The day officially arrived - our son is now in Kindergarten!

Caleb loved EVERY minute of his day! Lunch was beyond awesome (mozzarella dippers), PE was his favorite part, his teacher is Super nice, and he gets to have a math journal. Success!

It is so much fun watching him not just grow, but truly blossom. He is a great kid - can drive his parents mad somedays! - but really is a great kid. He is spunky, witty, and genuine. My prayer for him is that he learns how to be selfless, giving, strong, polite, secure, hard-working, and just downright kind. All of these things can be so hard to learn and maintain while growing up, but fingers crossed, he at least learns them all and if he forgets here or there, he at least remembers them all once out of college and on his own!!!

I too had my first day back at school. Maybe not as exciting as his, but I was happy to be back and making music with "my kids". It is my third year teaching music in this district and it is fun to know almost …