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One day more

I've heard these words many times in the last couple weeks, "One Day More". I'm currently in a production of Les Miserables and these words have been sticking like leeches to my ears. If you have guessed yet - no we have not heard anything about Little C. Every day is one day more. One day not together. 
But there are days to celebrate, and I would take many more like these....
A little boy and his blue bunny

Last day of school.  He told me the rhyme to put on the paper. :)

Soccer nights. Looks like his first time flirting even... Lol!

Kicking one of his first goals!  Over the other teams goal line... But so proud of his accomplishment. 

First Mohawk. First lost tooth (that fell out on its own). 

My toothless wonder. 

T-ball nights.  Kicking the dust.  Making sure it really is dust. 

Getting his head in the game... But not looking at the hitter... Hmmm....

Batter up!

Vacation Bible School. Celebrating God's love with my child. 

Learning new songs that are now sung around the kitc…