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Sunday Fun day (of pictures!)

Today included some Super Heroes, karate practice, giggles, artwork, games, books, cuddles, mealtimes, and haircuts - kind of in that order! Not much to say, just some fun pictures to share...

Tope wanted in on the camera action, but then tried to play hide and seek from the camera.  :)

My budding artists...

Caleb's "best day ever"

Do you remember your very best day from your childhood?
Maybe it was a day on vacation, when you got a new puppy, or having a big birthday party. Or maybe your best childhood day was like Caleb's day - a day with one of your favorite family members. Maybe your day was full of laughter and love. I hope that is what your day was, because Caleb and Tope's day was very special.
Was today a huge out of the ordinary day? Nope. Well, not other than my brother, Ethan, came to visit, otherwise the day went like a normal Saturday would around our house. 

Ethan came for lunch and then hung out with us while we played legos, chilled on the couch, chatted, and then he also played the occasional chase game with the boys. During one of these chase games, Caleb runs into the kitchen where I'm preparing supper and says, "I hope I never forget this day! This is one of my very best days. I really like the game we are playing! And Tope and I are even working together to beat Ethan!"…

First library visit

Thursday I took Tope to the library for the first time. It was a perfect day to bring him, as there was no story time and only a handful of people there at about 10am.  I was glad it was quite because Tope looked overwhelmed the whole time we were there. He stood looking around and not making much of a sound. The only Reaction I could get out of him was when we looked at the Lego creations kids had made - that got him very interested. 

We eventually found a few books, mostly superhero books!, and I tried to get him to play in the toy area with duplos or trains but he was not interested. 
My guess is he will enjoy himself the next time we go, it was just too big and overwhelming this day. We will try again next Thursday and see what happens, then maybe in a few weeks we will even venture to a storytime. I know he loves books so I think this will be a winner of a location-someday. :)

Until then, we will just hang out more at home and do fun things like build more train tracks!!! 


Small gains in speech

Today has been an excellent day of communication with Tope. We were having actual conversations, albeit only using short phrases. I could understand what he was trying to tell me most of the time today without him having to point or direct me to his needs. This is a very exciting day indeed.

I know I have given some small details about Tope's speech, but for those who are interested in knowing a little more, we have a hard time understanding him for two reasons: 1. The orphanage Tope lived in spoke predominantly Cebuano, 2. Tope has speech delay and impediments due to his cleft lip/palate.

Although Tope knew Cebuano predominately from his caretakers, they also did a really nice job of teaching him some English. He knows his colors, body parts, letters, and numbers in English and a bunch of nursery type songs. Tope also seems to understand a lot of what we say to him in English, however we have learned a few random words that especially helped a couple weeks in, such as the words…

Brotherly likeness

Most families have the luxury of all the siblings growing up together from the very beginning. Because of this time together, siblings often have many similarities but can also show many differences.
Did you know it is not much different, even when brothers haven't spent their first 5.5 years together?
We are enjoying learning what these brothers have in common and what they rather do differently. 
Here are some fun highlights of our boys:
*Caleb loves Izzy (our dog) but rarely acknowledges it -- Tope loves on Izzy like it is his job! He can't get enough of his "iro". Izzy hasn't known what has hit her with so many hugs in one day.
*Caleb lives only in running/sweat pants -- Tope wants to wear jeans... this Mama has to go find a couple extra pairs of jeans for his wardrobe! lol!
*Caleb took until a couple months ago to take a shower and HATES water on his face -- Tope adores taking a shower! He jumps around, has water all over his face all the time, an…

Plain ol' Valentine

This is how I have looked for the last two weeks since we've been home...
Just plain ol' me. Hair pulled back, no makeup, typically wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants; although I have been known to occasionally throw on some jeans too. 
I figure if I had come home from the hospital with a baby in my arms, no one would expect differently, right? So my new child is a few years older than a newborn, but I think it is still good to see me in my "natural" form, and you know what, pretty sure he likes me even without my hair and make-up done. My older son still likes me too. And my husband, I think he is happy because when my hair is down I have been leaving it my natural curl and I didn't wear make-up much in High School so maybe, just maybe, I remind him of a girl 15 years younger??? Ok, maybe that is pushing it! But yes, my husband still loves me too, no matter how "comfortable" I have looked the last couple weeks. 
That is the beauty of Love and Family -…