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Plain ol' Valentine

This is how I have looked for the last two weeks since we've been home...
Just plain ol' me. Hair pulled back, no makeup, typically wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants; although I have been known to occasionally throw on some jeans too. 

I figure if I had come home from the hospital with a baby in my arms, no one would expect differently, right? So my new child is a few years older than a newborn, but I think it is still good to see me in my "natural" form, and you know what, pretty sure he likes me even without my hair and make-up done. My older son still likes me too. And my husband, I think he is happy because when my hair is down I have been leaving it my natural curl and I didn't wear make-up much in High School so maybe, just maybe, I remind him of a girl 15 years younger??? Ok, maybe that is pushing it! But yes, my husband still loves me too, no matter how "comfortable" I have looked the last couple weeks. 

That is the beauty of Love and Family - we take eachother as we are and that is enough. Isn't that what Valentine's is truly about? True and unconditional love?

I'm not sure if I can remember a better Valentine's day. I just spent the day with not one, not two, but THREE of the most amazing guys ever and not once did I have to look fancy or act fancy. There were no fancy expensive gimmicks, gifts, or meals; just amazing time with my family.

Jon and Tope spent the morning making breakfast and playing legos while I spent an extra hour sleeping and Caleb google searched how to's for his Minecraft - nothing like learning how to read and right away reading Minecraft literature instead of Tom & Jane books! Lol! 

Caleb learning how to make his own toast!
Yesterday, while grocery shopping, Caleb insisted we buy $5 valentine sugar cookies - um, no - so instead we went home and mixed up some cookie dough. I haven't made cutout cookies with Caleb for at least a couple years, so it was a real treat for him and Tope. Since the cookies were all baked, we spent our morning frosting and decorating the cookies and it was a blast! Albeit a little chaotic too.  :)  The whole family spent over an hour decorating cookies. There was a ton of laughter and smiles. In the end, we had over 100 cookies (Caleb counted) so we packaged a bunch up and gave a few plate fulls to some friends. 

Lunch was spaghetti with sauce I had frozen from a few weeks ago - yey for thinking ahead! And then we watched a little Super Why! before Tope and Dad went to take a nap. Caleb and I said "sweet dreams" and then dashed away on our very own Valentine date! We went to the local theater for the Kid production of Seussical!. It was one of the best community shows I've ever seen. The set was amazing, the show is entertaining, the kids were spot on, and Caleb was enjoying every second of it right along with his Mom. We got in a ton of cuddles during the show which made the time together even better. Afterwards I got to have ADULT conversation, which rocked!, with the director who is one of my good friends. We then dropped off some cookies where I got even more ADULT conversation - I am kind of missing this lately, can you tell? That just may have to be a topic of discussion in another blogpost...  :)  Then off we were to get a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphys and some strawberry's from Aldi's. 

Tope greeted me at the door when we got home with the BIGGEST smile and "MAMA!". He literally jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest hug. I am the happiest Mom. Told you this was a great Valentine's day.

Jon and Tope had had a long nap while we were gone followed by a snack and a ton of book reading/cuddle time. Once we were home, all the boys went and played in the toy room while I baked the pizzas and then Caleb came down to help me make chocolate dipped strawberries.

Supper was loud. Tope seems to be at his peak during suppertime where he likes to roll out as many jokes as he can and tonight was no exception. It was hard not to laugh at all of his stinking cute antics! Caleb did a lot of the laughing for us, Jon and I did as much as we could and then had to try and not let it all get too out of control. We followed supper with some calming time with some Veggie Tales and then a Charlie Brown Valentine special before bedtime. We all cuddled on the couch watching the movie and eating our sweet strawberries. Then we headed to bed. Caleb took a little while to come upstairs because he asked Dad to help him make one last quick heart valentine for Tope and myself. He makes me smile.

We brushed teeth. We read books. We had a couple more cuddles. 

Seriously, best Valentine's ever. 

We are blessed!


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