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Birthday Gift! News on Little C's VISA

Jon got a great birthday gift today!

We have been waiting for over two months to hear ANYTHING about Little C and we finally got word today that his VISA medical exam is scheduled for Dec. 15, and the VISA interview is scheduled for Dec. 19. Now we are just praying this really does happen as it is Typhoon season and there is a big system heading towards the Philippines. Not to worry about Little C as his island should be safe, but the main government systems in Manila could be affected which could deter the adoption timeline even more.

Following the VISA appointments we have been told it is typically a quick turnaround until we are called and told we can travel; however, they will be closed for about a week during Christmas so this will add time to our wait I'm sure. So we are thinking we may be traveling the end of January, mid-January at the earliest, could even be February.

So, truth be told, I am accepting this news with both joy and sadness. I only had celebration on my mind …