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Need your prayers May 8th!!

Great news today!

Our agency finally heard from the ICAB - they are the board in the Philippines that handles all adoptions - that they have our paperwork and will be taking it to the board on May 8th to be approved.  We were so happy just to hear they did indeed have our paperwork and are even more happy to hear there is an actual date to look at everything.

We've been told to not expect to hear back right away. Not sure why though. We are hoping to hear sooner than later.  So here is what could happen after May 8th...

a) ICAB could not approve something in our paperwork. We then try to appeal their decision with more paperwork and then wait for another decision. But we are NOT planning on that happening. So erase this thought from your mind and stick (b) into your head!...

b) ICAB approves our paperwork and then starts paperwork for Little C's VISA. The VISA appointments and paperwork should take 1-3 months. Once that is approved, we buy our plane tickets and find our way to…

Trail run learning curve

I was a really great student today!
Here is what I learned...

When signing up for a 10K:

Double-check that it really is a 10K... 7 miles is not a 10K. I would have been very happy had it been 6.2 miles!Is this race on pavement or on a trail? If on a trail, what kind of trail?Learn a little more about the route - what does the word "hilly" mean? 

When on a trail run: An Ice Age Trail was formed by glaciers, thus the word "hilly" means just that - lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of hills. Training in town with only 2-3 hills is NOT the same thing. Trail runners find it perfectly fine to walk up hills. How sweet is that!? It is the norm to walk hills (unless you're the crazy 1st place runner).Trail runs include many sticks, rocks, and very wet mud. Work hard to stay up-right after biffing it on one of the three mentioned. Take time to walk off the muscles that caught your almost fall - they don't like you otherwise.Running on leaves is almost like running on sn…

Life keeps moving

Spring is here, the snow is finally gone in our yard, work is keeping us busy, the to-do list at home is long, new things are beginning, and some things are coming to an end, but what is staying consistent - is the wait. Little C is still not here to share all of our milestones. Life keeps moving. This wait it hard and frustrating, but life is still in full swing, for better or worse. 
Today Caleb had his last day at the daycare he has attended since we moved here. We very much enjoyed Ms. Julie and she was great for Caleb. She is sadly moving to South Dakota where her husband got a new job. Thanks for the great memories Julie!

Tonight we started a new soccer season. We will see how this year goes! Last fall Caleb had his doubts, but so far he seems a little more excited about this season. It will help that he is a little older, no longer one of the youngest on the team. 
Late night - I'm trying to tackle emails and paperwork while the dishes lurk in the other room. Gotta love the …

Last Easter with one basket?

Hello friends and family!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend. We had a great time traveling down to Iowa and spending time with my extended family. It was quite relaxing, especially during our time at my Godmother's house. The weather was fantastic, so we spent most of our time with her outside. Part of me had wanted to stay home so we could get some to-do's done over the long weekend, but I was so happy that we not only got to see family, but also got some much needed down time.

So, will this be the last Easter only one basket is delivered to our house by the easter bunny? I sure hope so. We have heard nothing from ICAB (the gov. agency that will work with our adoption files in the Philippines). We had hoped to at least hear that they had received our files, but I don't think they have even acknowledged the files yet. But! We have a friend that just arrived in the Philippines for some adoption advocacy work. She has worked with ICAB for several years and has friend…

Baby teeth

Today we celebrated a couple "first" moments
First day at a playground since the winter weather least 6 months ago!
First time I have seen a robin this Spring! Woot Woot!!
And Caleb's First Baby teeth will be put under his pillow tonight!!!
Caleb will be 5 1/2 in seven days, so it was about time anyway for him to possibly loose a baby tooth; however, we weren't too excited his first baby teeth would have to be removed for him. About two years ago, Caleb took a mouth dive into a wooden toy barn that we have. We thought he might loose his tooth, but luckily he was able to keep it and just had a little grey tooth. A week ago though, Jon and I both noticed that the tooth had suddenly changed color - not good. Tuesday we went in and were told what we had predicted would happen: the tooth needed to be removed, as there was an infection in the root. What we didn't know is that the tooth next to it also needed to be removed to minimize risk of the infection s…

A new paper trail

This afternoon we had our orientation call for the Bulgaria program. Our caseworker went over the paperwork briefly and gave an overview of the timeline we will be looking at. It all felt like deja vu. This was our third orientation call - yikes. The bigger yikes though is thinking about the dossier packet we will need to start filling out... deep breath. She is assuring us that a dossier for Bulgaria is much less strenuous than the other two countries we've done dossier's for, but I'm sure it will still be a lot. Oh well, if it means my kids come home at the end of all this new paper trail, then it is all good.

Tonight is the last night to order a Thirty-One bag if you were thinking of ordering one. You can click here to make the purchase through Karen Guthmueller. I have been in awe of the response! Looks like I'll be seeing a bunch of friends and family with some sweet lookin' new purses and lunch bags! Thanks for all of your support!!!

Tomorrow Caleb has to hav…

On my mind

Little C has really been on my mind lately. I've been anticipating what it will be like to have him here. Last night while Caleb got ready for bed, I realized he might not like the books Caleb likes to read. Today, walking on the sidewalk with Caleb I wondered if the boys will pick up sticks together, and find every puddle, making our walk last even longer. Cuddling with Caleb I thought about attachment and wondered what it will be like for Little C to have a family, since he hasn't had one for most of his life. Stroking Caleb's growing hair, I thought of Little C's dark full hair and wondered what it will look like in person - will he want a buzz cut like Caleb in the summer? At night I wonder if he will want to cuddle, or if he will want to stay in his room. During the day I go back and forth on what will be the best for him next year - which preschool should he attend, what kind of daycare to do, and how to find more time after work so we can get lots of time togeth…

Thirty-One Fundraiser, April 1 - 11

The Thirty-One Fundraiser has officially begun!

Today, April 1 - Friday, April 11th, a percentage of everything you order from Karen Guthmueller will go towards our Adoption Travel expenses to bring home Little C!!! So you help us board a plane and you get to have a fancy bag - it's a Win-Win!!!  :)   

Here is the link to get started...

Also - Don't forget the awesome special this month:

Also, also - if you don't live close to us, Don't click "ship to hostess" and for $4.00 more it will come to you directly. 

Happy shopping and  thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
In Christ, Mara