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Woot! Woot!

Guess what I did today!? I mailed our dossier paperwork!!!

Yes, you heard it right! We FINALLY got the paperwork, therefore meaning our Homestudy is finished and approved - FINALLY, FINALLY!

I was a bit excited for this stepping stone. Trying not to get too excited since after a review we may have to redo paperwork and there are a couple other small things that need to be done, like paperwork sent to the United States Immigration services - but its all good. It has at least all started!  Caleb was with me when I took the papers to the post office. I told him to stand in front of the postal stand and smile for a picture because I sent some happy paperwork. He asked "is it for the adoption? Does this mean we're closer to adopting?" Yes Caleb, yes it does mean we are closer! Oh happy day!

Don't get me wrong. I do realize that this is just the start of what will most likely be the longest wait in my life, but, at least it is started. And for that, I am truly grateful.


Early Morning DAYdreams

Sleep, my friends, is Not overrated. It is in fact, Much needed. And I, am lacking in this area.

The last few nights I have gone to bed later than I should, trying to get life in order before leaving for a week of camp. I was so tired at night, I thought I'd fall right asleep, but due to a hot & muggy bedroom, sleep has been quite restless.

Last night though, I had high hopes! Caleb and I traveled to Grandpa & Grandma's house (Jon's parents) so that Caleb can stay here while I am at camp, and then I only have an hour to drive to camp in the morning. The weather has cooled a little outside, I went to bed late, and was sooooo tired last night, I thought there was no way I wouldn't sleep until my buzzer went off... oh man was I wrong. I woke up just about every 10-15 minutes for about three hours. I was sleeping in a bunk bed with my son and niece and every time one of them moved, I woke up.

After those three hours, I was just plain awake, and this is where I s…

Not where I thought We'd be

Here I am trying to get ready for a week long "vacation" to work at camp. I am thrilled to be spending another week at Celebrate Me (! But unfortunately, I had hoped to be celebrating the Dossier (all the paperwork sent to Ethiopia-turning it in puts us officially on the waiting list) as well during this week, but alas, that is not to happen.

We have been tying up the loose ends of all the paperwork for our dossier for the last month or two. As of today, we have everything notarized and ready to go!

But, and this is a big BUT - we STILL do not have our homestudy! We were told that by the beginning of May, at the latest, we should most likely have the homestudy paperwork in our hands. However, over two months later, we are still IMPATIENTLY twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the paperwork to arrive. Some of you may ask, why is this an issue? - our dossier has to have all documents be within the last six months. Therefore, the fingerprints/backgroun…

Wait, did I say that?

Did I seriously say I wanted more children? Really? Are you sure????

Of course, I say that with sarcasm, but I must be completely honest... I have asked this question MORE THAN ONCE in the last week.

We are blessed to have our special girl staying with us for a short time. The second Caleb saw her, his face lit with pure happiness. He really does miss her. For better or worse though - these two are siblings at heart. Within minutes of Caleb's happy state, the two were squabbling, completely starting off where they had ended two years ago. I suppose this didn't totally surprise me, knowing how close they had become, but couldn't the arguing have waited, just, say, oh, an hour!?  In my dreams, right?  :)

So what to do? Well, I did what I could to keep these two busy! VERY VERY Busy!....

Strawberry picking... yum!

Brownie making - we love these brownies. Yes, they are not healthy. Yes, they are only semi-made-from-scratch. And yes, here is the recipe...…