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Baby clothes

Clothes for garage sale,
un-matched socks (How were Caleb's feet ever this small!?!),
& down to ONE tote of 0-9 month clothes
and 1/2 a tote of maternity clothes.
I finally did it, I've started to purge some of our baby things, and honestly - it feels good.
My sister-in-law is expecting a child, and although we have no idea what the gender is, I have a strong feeling that she will be having a boy for her third child. This week her family was visiting us, and seeing as she lives Far, FAr, FAR away, I thought it might be a good idea to let her take what she wanted now, instead of trying to figure out how to ship all the clothes over the ocean! If she doesn't have a boy, well then she has a couple trash bags full of 0-9 month clothes - lol! BUT if she does have a boy, then hopefully I helped save her a few dollars, not to mention she can have better quality clothes than what she can find where she lives.
I also had an alternative motive for her doing this. I've had in mind for about a year now that I am ready to start cleaning away some of our baby things. The likelihood that we would bring home a child under the age of 1 is quite small, and if we do bring a younger child home, then my Mother and I have become REALLY good at shopping garage sales and it really won't be a big deal. So along with the bags I'm sending home with my SIL, I also have three boxes of clothes to put on a garage sale, and I'm now down to only ONE tote of some 0-9 month clothes (versus SIX!). I'm hoping to do a garage sale in the fall and put the money towards adoption expenses.  :)

One hears stories of Mom's crying as they sorted through their old baby clothes and having a hard time parting with anything. I really didn't feel this way. Perhaps it was because I know I will be able to see these clothes on another family member. Or maybe I'm just Really ready to get my basement clean. Either way, I was happy to know I can move on from the baby stage. Would it be great to have another baby - of course! - if that is what God brings us, we would be absolutely thrilled. But just to add children to our home would make me one happy Mama - no matter what the age, size, color, ethnicity, hair, eyes, or gender of the child.


  1. Go, Mara! You are going to be so ready for your children to arrive! Rock on....prayers are with you!

  2. Good work! And I just have to say 6 totes of baby clothes?!? Wow! I have 2...and that is one boy and one girl tote. Clearly Caleb was a much better dressed baby:)


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