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A new journey - foster care

I've been hinting there is another part to our journey as a family and we have officially began our next steps to growing our hearts and sharing our love. 
We have decided as a family that we are on board to be a part of the foster care community. Although we wish we could help even more orphans across the ocean, we realize there are many orphans right here in town that also need the love of a family. We do know our ultimate goal is to adopt again, but have no idea how soon or far away that time may be. 
Of course, although this alone sounds like a big new step, we ended up diving head first into this decision! Within a couple weeks of our first meeting, we have our first placement. We are still licensed as a foster family because Tope was considered by the state as a foster child until his adoption was legalized by the courts. Because of this, and because we knew someone, who knew someone, who knew someone-we got a call Monday night asking if we would be willing to bring home four …