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Finding reasons

One of the hardest things I have heard through our adoption journey is "there must be a reason why your child is not home yet...". I can't tell you how much I dislike hearing this comment. Truth be told, it makes me question my thoughts about God and how He conducts His works. I don't feel God really WANTS a child to sit in an orphanage for years. I don't feel God WANTS us to be uncertain when we will be able to raise our child. So, if I believe it is not what God would want, then why is it happening? Why the wait? Not just our wait, but for Little C... for all the orphans of our world. Why do they sit while our world demands paperwork, money, letters of recommendation, background checks, and so much more, so that they can come home YEARS LATER to a forever home? 
These are questions that plague my heart and brain on a regular occurrence. Will I ever learn the answers - most likely not - but if I am ever allowed to ask a couple questions in the presence of the B…

In about 4 months

Here is the latest on our Little C..

Friday, we sent our immigration paperwork to the USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services). This paperwork is scheduled to take 4-6 weeks to process, although a friend of friend just got theirs done and it only took 2 weeks! So hopefully they are still moving at the same pace!
Friday afternoon we received word that our Final Acceptance letter had been received by our agency and was being directly sent to the Philippines. Along with this letter we also sent a photo book for Little C. The book included pictures of us, our dog, the house, pictures of things we like to do, and pictures of WINTER! Poor kid will most likely becoming home around winter time... it will be quite the shock to the system I'm sure.
Once immigration has processed our I-800 forms, we will give word to the Philippines that all is cleared on our end and then it is their turn to finish paperwork there. They will fly Little C to Manila where a passport will be…

Excitement in the house! ICAB finally made a decision!

Guess what!?!?...

Yep, the ICAB board FINALLY met (two weeks after we were told they would)....
And he is officially going to be ours!!!
Our Little C is coming home!!!!!
Woot! Woot!

I will now try to answer any questions you may have (to the best of my knowledge!)...

When did you find out?  I was called this morning during Caleb's swimming lessons. I saw there was a call from Portland and I didn't dare not answer - and then - for the first time in a while - I heard "I have good news!" - yey! Our socialworker got an email from the ICAB during the night which would have been during their Monday work day.

How did you react? Well, I didn't want to look like a mad woman!  ;)  But I did do a little crying and a lot of smiling. I then texted Jon right away since I knew he was in a meeting, and then I went and told Jon's parents as they happened to be watching swimming today as well! They were very excited too! After swimming I told Caleb and he gave a big "YES!&quo…