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Old Friends & New Friends

What does friendship mean to you? Who have you come to rely on during your time on Earth? Is it your best friend from childhood, is it your sister or brother, does she live down the street and have kids your age, or maybe it is your parent or spouse. We all should have friends, Good friends, the kind that would drop what they are doing to spend time with you at a moments notice, or comfort you when you are sad, or be there to laugh with you when life is good. 
How many friends have you had in your lifetime? What do these people still mean to you? Do they hold a place in your heart and make you long for that time of comfort and joy? 

I have been watching our Tope the last three months learning so many things, trying new experiences, becoming part of a family, and learning about his new home and life. He seems to be finding his flow quickly and living his life with gumption and enthusiasm. It intrigues me most to see the relationships he is building with those around him. We have start…