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Giving back - Raising funds for Little C's Orphanage

Happy Sunday everyone!

It is a brisk, and yet, beautiful day here in Wisconsin! The colors on the trees are fantastic and there is a chill in the air that just feels right. We had a little snow the other night on the ground - yikes. I am not ready to see the white stuff yet. It is crazy to think that our Little C is going to be immersed so quickly into the cold! Poor little guy! He is going to go from 90 degree weather to... well... who knows what!?! Most definitely it will NOT be anywhere CLOSE to 90 degrees!!! Hopefully Little C is able to adapt quickly to the cold, and if not, then we will just make sure he always has on really warm clothing!

We were given word that Little C's passport is being processed! As soon as this is received, they will fly him to Manila to do the VISA physical examination and interview. As long as Little C's examination doesn't bring up any illnesses, such as TB, then we will be good to go and called shortly after the VISA visit! Our approximate…