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Giving back - Raising funds for Little C's Orphanage

Happy Sunday everyone!

It is a brisk, and yet, beautiful day here in Wisconsin! The colors on the trees are fantastic and there is a chill in the air that just feels right. We had a little snow the other night on the ground - yikes. I am not ready to see the white stuff yet. It is crazy to think that our Little C is going to be immersed so quickly into the cold! Poor little guy! He is going to go from 90 degree weather to... well... who knows what!?! Most definitely it will NOT be anywhere CLOSE to 90 degrees!!! Hopefully Little C is able to adapt quickly to the cold, and if not, then we will just make sure he always has on really warm clothing!

We were given word that Little C's passport is being processed! As soon as this is received, they will fly him to Manila to do the VISA physical examination and interview. As long as Little C's examination doesn't bring up any illnesses, such as TB, then we will be good to go and called shortly after the VISA visit! Our approximated time frame is now 4-6 weeks!!! So, in theory, Little C will hopefully be home by Thanksgiving or around that time - yey!

Now the craziness really begins. I'm already having troubles sleeping with to-do lists on my mind before we travel, lists of questions to ask while in the Philippines, wondering what the boys will think of each other, and the thoughts go on and on and on. Of course, maybe as a good thing, we are quite busy this fall between work, school, sports, family time, sleeping and eating.. I hope I am able to get it all done before Little C arrives, but I'm certain life will go on if the list is not fully completed, so I'm trying to take it all a little at a time. This weekend has included celebrating my sister accomplishing her Doctorate in Psychology - WOOT! WOOT! GO SIS!!!! And then today I sang at both church services, took some family pics for friends of mine, have a church meeting tonight, and this afternoon involves this blog post and cleaning out the freezer!!! Yes, "clean out the freezers" is on my to-do list. I think it will be a great one to mark off today! Plus then I can make some ready made freezer meals to put in there so I don't have to do a lot of cooking when Little C comes home... this is the plan at least.

Among all the business of life, Little C is always on the forefront of my mind. I am so anxious to learn more about him and the world that he has been living in. I've been thinking about his caretakers and his friends and wondering how he will react when we take him away from the only "home" he has known. I am so very grateful for the care and love his orphanage has given him for many years. They are Little C's family and thus they are our family too.

We would like to GIVE BACK to Little C's orphanage. No donation could be great enough to show our appreciation for all they do, but we would like to try and help them continue to spread love to the wonderful children that are in their care. Here is where we would like to ask you for your help. We have done a couple fundraisers to help us travel to the Philippines and we've been so very grateful for your support! We are going to hold one more fundraiser, but this time for Little C's orphanage.

It has been recommended that we give a donation of $1000 to the orphanage. Could you help us match that $1000 so we can donate $2000!?!? If 200 of our friends each donated $5, we would reach our goal! So... do you by chance have $5 in your wallet???

If you are able to donate towards Little C's orphanage, you can either give the money directly to Jon or myself. If you email or facebook us, we can send you our address if you'd like to send it in the mail. You can also send money through PayPal (with no fee if you send directly from your checking account I believe), use our email in order to send the money.

Thanks so much for supporting us, Little C, and his home. We appreciate your prayers and love!

So are you ready!?! Send your $5 today!
Caleb and our neighbor are excited... to donate their parent's money of course!  ;)

~ps~ We would be happy to accept more than $5 donations too  ;)

You are all such blessings!
In Christ,


  1. 4-6 weeks!!!! That's awesome!!! So excited for you guys. Will Caleb be traveling with you to the Phillippines?


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