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Can't we adopt tomorrow?

One reason we would like to adopt is because of this wonderful, amazing, little boy...
Not only are we aching for more kids in the house, but he is too.
Tonight Caleb helped me at musical practice (I am directing a show currently). As you can tell, he had a little too much fun with the paint! He was really lucky tonight though because the pianist's daughter was there as well. He had so much fun playing with his new friend! I think he sometimes truly gets bored at home alone. Caleb is one extroverted kid! And he really thrives around others.

On the way home we were discussing what needed to happen right away so he could get to bed in a timely fashion. And he was the one that said, "remember I have to move fast because you have things to do." In my head I was thinking, yep, the dishes need done, a bill paid, ... until he said, "you need to get the adopted stuff done so a kid can be adopted soon. I really wish we could adopt tomorrow. When can we adopt a brother or si…

Snow Days

Yes, that is right, it has been not just one, but many snow days this April. As much as I REALLY wish I was outside in my garden, on a walk, or having a picnic - I sure have enjoyed the extra time in the snow with Caleb. We have a huge pile of snow next to our house thanks to our neighbor plowing her driveway, and boy does Caleb have a good time on that "mountain".  Today it snowed beautiful big flakes. Caleb wanted to be outside right away so that he could catch the flakes on his tongue...

I got to thinking... amid the climbing mountains, chasing monsters, and rolling around in the snow... that this April snow is quite "weird" for us, but how much "weirder" will it be for my children?

We have had to do a lot of education that has us think about our children's viewpoint on the world. Children adopted from other countries have to go through drastic changes in their lives. Our house alone will be completely different from what they will know. How will t…

One child bliss

Wow my house is quiet. And I say that with laughter in my voice!

We were blessed to spend a night with good friends of ours last weekend - friends that have four children. Oh, it gives me giggles just thinking about it. Within five minutes being there, Jon and I looked at each other and said "this will be a change!". Without realizing it, we have become quite accustomed to a relatively quiet house. The times that Caleb is a little louder was nothing compared to four (well, actually five with Caleb there) running around.

And you know what - I loved it!

Yes, it may have been a little harder to think and the "grown-ups" all had to talk a little louder, but it felt alive. Not that my house doesn't feel alive and happy as well, it just opened my eyes a little more to life with more than one child!

A couple summers ago we had two children stay the summer with us. The oldest, was 3 years older than Caleb, the youngest was 2 years younger. So we had a baby, 2.5 year …


So maybe the blog header is a little misleading today... there are no announcements to be made. But announcements, I would like to talk about.

What was more exciting for Jon & I, then to tell our family and friends about the baby growing inside of me! For two years I listened to numerous family and friends announce their upcoming arrivals, while we waited to make ours. The day finally came, and oh how good it felt! But then there was the other thought I had... who is saddened to hear that I am now pregnant? Because this is the feeling I not only had then, but now have had for at least a good five years of my married life.

When we finally made the decision to adopt, I felt freedom. It was like a big "burden" was taken off my shoulders. I could smile again when I heard the big announcements. It was finally a reality that we too would be growing our family, so I could stop worrying about not being pregnant.

This feeling of freedom from my thoughts, unfortunately, hasn'…

The Big Home Visit

The first thing that I think comes to everyone's minds when you talk about the process to adopt is "The Big Home Visit". Well, we had ours just a couple days ago, and lived to tell the story! Not only did we live, but it was one of the easiest things I've ever done.. well, pretty much.

Truthfully, we weren't nervous about the actual visit. We have met with our caseworker in person two other times. Her visit to our home was going to conclude a big long questionnaire that she had, she needed to verify our birth certificates and insurance card, and then she would tour the home so she could write about the layout of the house.

The hardest part about this visit was cleaning the house before she came! With the hustle and bustle of Easter, it left us very little time to clean, but it did get done. Now it is quite nice to have a clean house!!! It hasn't been this clean...well... in longer than I should really admit! So we do all of this cleaning, and then wouldn'…