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Length of time

Today we mark being on the waiting list for one month. Caleb held up Lego pieces, trying to make them look like a one (even though he's holding two pieces!). :) This month has completely flown by, we've kept busy between lots of travel, family visits, and the beginning of school and other activities. I feel stuck amongst the awkward feeling of what I want "time" to be. I pray for the next months, however many there may be, to go as fast as the first one. But then I also don't want my months to go by so quickly, as I don't want to miss this time of my life. We are able to spend more quality time with Caleb, we have ample opportunities to enjoy time with friends and organizations within our community, and I'm paving my tracks in my 30's. I don't want all of THIS time to whiz on by without me barely even turning my head. So what do I wish for - this waiting period to go fast or slow?
Within the fast-paced life of the last month though, I have unders…

Unnecessary Mama trauma

Take a good look at this kid.... Does he look like a kid his Mama should be worried about!?! Nope.  And yet, Monday night I laid in bed, sobbing, because this little boy was going into the big world - he was starting school for the first time.  Look how little he looks! Could I trust the "big" kids to not be mean on the bus? Could I trust he would know where to go when he got to the school? My precious little boy.  He was so excited. I was so scared.  I'm a teacher for Pete's sake!! Why am I scared to send my child to school!?! Because I have to trust that I have given him the skills he needs to succeed.  I am worried I'm too late and I forgot something he should already know.  The worry that he may not succeed troubles me. I want him to be a great person - not perfect - but great, I want him to believe in HIMSELF.  And more importantly, I don't want others taking any of his confidence away.  But. I know he is strong.  He is Our Caleb.  God is with him as he…

Looking for a designer

I'm looking for someone who enjoys graphic design and/or art that could help me with a t-shirt design. Do you know of any college or high school student that could use a project for school or to keep busy with?? Don't think it will be too hard, it's just not my forte and I'm thinking about it for a fundraiser for our adoption travel fund.

Let me know if you would have a lead!

Thanks much!!!!!

2013 Schack Summer Vacation

We have officially been on the Waiting list for 1/2 of a month! I know, I know. Nothing big, but still kinda fun.  :)  Probably won't think it as much fun when it gets to 1/2 a year and beyond.

We've stayed quite busy the last couple weeks. Jon started a new job, I have been getting ready for the school year, Caleb has started a new sport-Soccer, and we went on vacation!  It has been a week since we returned home, but I thought it would still be fun to show our friends and family some highlights from the trip. We ventured to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I am SO happy that we did. It was a great trip. I absolutely fell in love with the area, and am excited to get back again soon - which helps when we live so close to it now!

DAY 1 - On our way to Michigan for the first time!

First night in Marquette, MI - Presque Isle Park We are at SUNSET POINT on the Black Rocks. 
We absolutely adored this area and went back many, many times, as you will see...

Marquette Lighthouse an…