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The expected & unexpected transition (4 months)

Oh my, we have been staying busy, busy, busy around here! Caleb and I have two more days of school left until summer vacation and we are very much looking forward to being home and spending more time with Tope. Jon will officially then be back at work - even though most of this last month he has already been there every day - thank you to his Mother for watching Tope!!! He's not excited to get less cuddle time with Tope, but I think he is happy he will be back into his routine again. We have had Tope in our arms now for 4 months! Time is already flying.

We have been pleasantly surprised by some of the development Tope has been showing in the last month. He is definitely becoming part of his surroundings and seems to be more and more comfortable. Lately he is quite adamant that he do everything either instead of us or by himself. We hear the words "me, me, me" quite often. It is fun to see him challenge himself and try new things. Tonight we got out the Rainbowloom, a con…