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Weekend stitches

This weekend consisted of a Lot of Waiting Stitches! I had to hunker down and get some of my bigger projects done.  First, an order of nine pillows for some very lucky grandchildren! These pictures are of them all before stuffing, as the beautiful Grandma said she would so graciously stuff them for me!
Next, I wanted to get a bunch done on a quilt for a little boy about to move to a Big Boy Bed! I'm so excited to be making this for his car themed room. I used over 20 different fabrics, and think it came together really nice. Hope his Mom & Dad like it as much as I do! Both the front and back are pieced. I am SUPER excited to get this quilted later this week. I will then work on the binding over Easter - binding is always a nice thing to do while sitting around talking to family.  :) 

Now, to think about the coming week... quilt, bind, and then a huge flock of Owie Owls! I just may be putting in a few late nights this week... but... I don't think I really mind...   :)

The orphans next door

When Jon and I talked about adoption, before we were even married, I had brought up that I would want to adopt from the States, as there is so much need here. So when we were even more interested in adopting, I really started delving into our different options which included adoption through foster care, new baby adoption, or international adoption. Our hearts feel led to care for the orphan, and thus we decided baby adoption was not for us. We've had our beautiful baby boy, and as much as I would love to have another baby in the house, there are so many people who weren't able to have their baby - this is their chance. Those babies will have homes. So I then started my research on the other two types of adoption.

Foster care started weighing quite heavily on my heart. I'm a teacher, and everyday, without fail, I see a child struggling because of an unfit home life. I know that there are children, in my own community, without a forever family. They have no one to call Mom …

March Update

We've had a lot of questions lately on how the process is going, so I thought today would be a good day to bring everyone up to date...

We are in the middle of our home study right now. This includes all together 3-4 visits with our agency worker, one of them being in our home. During this time we answer a LOT of questions about our lives: past, present, and future. The home visit, although people think they sound scary, in all actuality sounds like it will be quite painless. She more or less will be here just so she can describe the layout of our house in her report. She will not be opening drawers or closets... thus, she won't see all the last minute "cleaning" we do!

During this process we are still doing a TON of paperwork and education. Just when we think we know the paperwork that is ahead, we are told about another stack of them to be filled out. I'm feeling a little behind right now! Jon tells me not to worry, but alas, I worry. If only we could forget ab…