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License to feel

Remember that Limbo feeling? The one that can be traced all the way back to elementary school? The feeling where you're afraid that if something makes you sad, you might be told you're a baby. Or in high school, if you made too big a deal about your grades, boys, or your parents, your friends think you're a drama queen? Remember when you thought that whatever you were feeling, that it just wasn't what "society" expected of you?I remember having these feelings: as a kid, teenager, college student, and now - as an adult. 
When infertility became a word used in my house I didn't know how to comprehend what my emotions should be. 
      Was it ok to cry? Well yes, but Mara you have a kid, why do you get to cry?
       Was it ok to be mad? Probably, but seriously, it could be so much worse, think of all the things you do have. 
       Was it ok to beg and plead with God? I'm sure he listened, but Mara you are sounding selfish,what can you be thankful for inste…

Junebugs dancing

June, oh my goodness, has been Flying by! I have had blog posts race through my head multiple times, but alas, nothing has been written... bummer.  So tonight I thought I would put all of those posts into one, as simplified as I can... 1. How is the adoption process going? Well, it's still paperwork. Another bummer. In "theory" we should have everything turned in in about a week, but it doesn't look like it will happen. The home study has yet to be completely finished, although I think our case worker is a lovely person, she unfortunately hasn't been too terribly timely with our home study. We started paperwork with her 7 months ago, so I thought for sure we'd be done by now! Our international agency has said though that they will give us a couple weeks past our "paperwork deadline", especially since we are waiting for something that is out of our hands. Good news though! Remember those passports I was terribly nervous about!?! Well, they arrived!…