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Other blogs

I have been fascinated reading other's blogs about adoption in the last couple years. The idea of myself writing one is definitely nothing new, as I am following so many others. In fact, I feel quite inferior compared to many of these blogs. There are so many well written and inspiring thoughts about adoption and why people feel called to devote their lives to adoption. If you feel at all called to adopt yourself, or just want to learn more about adoption, I highly recommend searching for different blogs to read - google... pinterest... all of these search type things come up with some great blogs.

So why, if so many other people have already written, do I feel it is important to get our story written down into a blog. Well, for one, I want to be able to share with my family and friends this exciting journey. Two, I know there are others like me out there that want to learn as much as they possibly can about adopting, so I don't think it hurts in the least to give yet one mor…

And the paperwork begins...

Had I realized years ago, when the thought of adoption sounded like something I might do one day, that I would have to tell a detailed recap of my life story in order to adopt, I would have written EVERYTHING down! I can't believe how far back they want to know about things, such as where we've lived and jobs we've had. It sure is interesting filling it all out. I have heard on just about every adoption blog or newsletter I've read that the paperwork can really be hefty - and none of them were joking! It's only just begun, and I have a feeling this won't be the worst of it.

BUT it is well worth it in order to bring our children home safe and sound.

The journey begins!

Today we turned in our official application to adopt internationally! I don't think I can even explain how ecstatic I am!

We finally have a feeling like we are settled and can finally take the leap towards adoption. Our application is for Ethiopia, possibly Uganda. We would like to adopt a sibling set, most likely two children but open to the idea of three.

The best part of this all is we told our son about it (4 yrs old) and he was super excited. He got a few details messed up when talking about it later, but he is talking about it! He will make an amazing big brother. He has compassion and so much joy to share. It will be such a happy day to see Caleb sharing his love with a brother and/or sister!

If you are reading this, please pray for us and our children. First, we pray that wherever our children are, that they are being loved by someone and are being cared for somehow. Second, we pray for the orphanage that we will adopt from. And third, please pray that this is a relative…