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Junebugs dancing

June, oh my goodness, has been Flying by! I have had blog posts race through my head multiple times, but alas, nothing has been written... bummer.  So tonight I thought I would put all of those posts into one, as simplified as I can...
1. How is the adoption process going? Well, it's still paperwork. Another bummer. In "theory" we should have everything turned in in about a week, but it doesn't look like it will happen. The home study has yet to be completely finished, although I think our case worker is a lovely person, she unfortunately hasn't been too terribly timely with our home study. We started paperwork with her 7 months ago, so I thought for sure we'd be done by now! Our international agency has said though that they will give us a couple weeks past our "paperwork deadline", especially since we are waiting for something that is out of our hands.
Good news though! Remember those passports I was terribly nervous about!?! Well, they arrived! And they are beautiful! They represent our future - oh I'm so excited to get those books stamped!
2. I completed my first 5K - woot, woot!! Two teacher friends ran with me in a Color Run that supported our local Boys & Girls Club. I had a blast! Now my goal is to run a 10K by the end of 2013.
3. We celebrated Daddy Day for a man Caleb and I love dearly! He has been working so hard the last few weeks. We barely see him since this is busy season in camping world. But we made him pancakes with rhubarb sauce, Caleb made him a card, and we gave him a boomerang which Caleb and Dad tried out one night at camp.
Caleb wrapped Dad's presents in his blanket.  :)

Checking to see which way the wind is blowing.

4. We got to see our first parade! Have I mentioned that Caleb LOVES candy??? He worships the stuff - so needless to say, he was a happy parade goer that day. And now we have more candy sitting at home - lucky us.
5. Caleb has been helping me plant a garden. It is our first one in three years. Feels so good to be in the dirt again! We are making it out at camp since our house has only shade. Caleb has been quite the dirty boy every time we go which I have decided is Excellent!  :)
What isn't so excellent are the ticks. Ticks, ticks, ticks!! SO MANY TICKS! The other night, in about 3 hours out there, we took off at least 20 ticks between the two of us. I then dreamed about them ALL night long. ICK!

6. Farmer's Market is open! There is a wonderful farmer's market on Thursday nights near our town. Caleb and I had to go check out opening night, even thought there aren't a lot of veggie/fruits ready yet!
Playing on the swing set - he met a bunch of new "friends"

Why is Caleb excited to be at the Farmer's market?... Cotton Candy.
Yes, there is a vendor who sells it and it is our Un-wholesome guilty pleasure  :)

Fresh raspberry lemonade and a Navajo taco (Caleb had a corndog) - Yum, Yum!!!

7. Vacation Bible School & Summer School - This was the first year for Caleb to attend these and he had a great time! Teaching music at VBS was a blast as usual! I taught summer school for the first time as well and it was a lot of fun - although, I'm thankful to be officially on summer break now.

Caleb really loves the music from VBS. It warmed my heart yesterday, listening to him singing in the car, "Come thou almight King..." So thankful that God is alive in Caleb's heart.  :)

8. Theater! I grew up in community theater and have enjoyed now turning Caleb on to it  :)  We went and saw the Wizard of Oz this last week and Caleb kept asking when would he get to do a show... This coming week he will do a Theater camp for preK kiddos at our local theater. I'm excited for him! I then was blessed to see my parents perform in Jesus Christ Superstar! My father was Ciaphas and my mother was a dancer/chorus member. They did Excellent! My Dad hasn't been in a show for 19 years so it was so fun to see him back on stage. The musical made me cry - so good.
Caleb with the Wicked Witch of the West - only her laugh scared him  :)
My parents after their show. No, that is not my Dad's real facial hair!!!!

9. Playtime  :)  So nice to be outside - in the sun! - instead of snow! And yes... this picture is of Caleb wearing a transformer mask while playing in his sandbox! Too funny!

10. Playing catch up! I have been so thankful for all of the orders of Owie Owls. Lately they have slowed down, but that was a good thing!, as I have gotten really behind! I'm trying to play some major catch up and I am enjoying sewing up the little creatures again.

Now for some sleep so the last week of June isn't a groggy one (like the rest of them have been!). Happy last week of June!
In Christ,


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