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Brotherly likeness

Most families have the luxury of all the siblings growing up together from the very beginning. Because of this time together, siblings often have many similarities but can also show many differences.

Did you know it is not much different, even when brothers haven't spent their first 5.5 years together?

We are enjoying learning what these brothers have in common and what they rather do differently. 

Here are some fun highlights of our boys:


*Caleb loves Izzy (our dog) but rarely acknowledges it -- Tope loves on Izzy like it is his job! He can't get enough of his "iro". Izzy hasn't known what has hit her with so many hugs in one day.

*Caleb lives only in running/sweat pants -- Tope wants to wear jeans... this Mama has to go find a couple extra pairs of jeans for his wardrobe! lol!

*Caleb took until a couple months ago to take a shower and HATES water on his face -- Tope adores taking a shower! He jumps around, has water all over his face all the time, and splashes like none other.

*Caleb is a picky, picky eater and is often "not hungry" (aka: he doesn't like the food in front of him). He is driving us crazy. -- Tope will at least try new things to eat and he eats like a fiend. He is now starting to give some opinions on what he does and does not want to eat, but at least he will try.


*Legos and building blocks - they could both spend hours creating with these. I love watching them both in concentration as they think up their creations. We are especially loving the fact that items like legos are excellent for Tope's fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and attention span. Good stuff.

* These brothers both know how to whine! Yes, I said it, WHINE! lol! Caleb has it down like an art form and we are starting to see more of it out of Tope. Tope went almost 3 weeks without hardly any whining, but now he is starting to share his opinions frequently through whining, (although some of this has to do with some language barriers I'm sure) but although it is not fun to hear, I am happy that he is starting to feel comfortable enough to express more feelings with us. 
We are not a fan of whining. These parents have some work to do and some patience to find!  :)

*These boys love their snacks! We are learning that Tope has had very little problems with the snacks that are sitting around our house, most of which Caleb has picked out (with Mom-guidance!). They are both enjoying the same types of crackers, fruits, and desserts. Although Tope has yet to really devour apples like Caleb does, and Caleb has yet to get into the yogurt juice that Tope gulps down. 

*So this is a fun one! Cutting! Cutting! and Cutting some more! Caleb has always enjoyed using scissors. I remember about a year ago he went through a whole cutting skills book in about an hour. And now our Tope also has the scissor bug. He has us draw lines or squiggles on paper and he will cut them out over and over. It is fun watching how proud he is of his cutting projects. Tonight we got the glue out too and made a snowman, while Caleb got out the tape and scissors and started making a cardboard castle. 

*And a similarity I'm not excited about - movies. We know Tope watched very little on a screen in the orphanage, as they didn't have a TV. Caleb has grown up without TV channels, but we do have Netflix, so Caleb has always been very good about asking to watch a show or movie and is usally good about not asking too often. However, now that Tope has gotten to watch movies on the plane and then has seen a couple shows at home, it is the first thing he asks to do every morning, after nap, and when Caleb gets home. Ugh. He is then told no and we hear his harmonious whining - ha! And Caleb now realizes that Tope enjoys watching, so he is trying to use it to his advantage!!! 
Tope and I are watching a short show like Super Why! or Curious George  before nap time as it calms him down and it is fun cuddle time. The boys have also talked me into a short show a few times while I am cooking supper before Dad comes home, although I make them play together first before they can watch a show, they need to work on their brotherly bonding too! Although I love watching how they also cuddle on the couch - so stinking cute! So I promise they aren't sitting in front of the TV for hours! But we need to work on both of the boys not asking so much for it!

*They both have the best smiles.

*Their giggles are infectious.

*They both love to be read to.

*They give the best hugs and can snuggle their noses into just the right spot on your neck.

*Their eyes light up when they are happy.

I'm sure there are many more traits that are both similar and different that are already showing and that are yet to come. I love watching their brotherly bond unfold and see how their traits compliment each other and how their traits also make them stand alone and show who they truly are. 

But most of all, I'm so glad they are brothers, because that means I am their Mom.

I am blessed.

In Christ~


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