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First Day of K! aka: Caleb is growing too fast!

The day officially arrived - our son is now in Kindergarten!

Caleb loved EVERY minute of his day! Lunch was beyond awesome (mozzarella dippers), PE was his favorite part, his teacher is Super nice, and he gets to have a math journal. Success!

It is so much fun watching him not just grow, but truly blossom. He is a great kid - can drive his parents mad somedays! - but really is a great kid. He is spunky, witty, and genuine. My prayer for him is that he learns how to be selfless, giving, strong, polite, secure, hard-working, and just downright kind. All of these things can be so hard to learn and maintain while growing up, but fingers crossed, he at least learns them all and if he forgets here or there, he at least remembers them all once out of college and on his own!!!

I too had my first day back at school. Maybe not as exciting as his, but I was happy to be back and making music with "my kids". It is my third year teaching music in this district and it is fun to know almost every kid now that walks in my door. I missed all of the smiles and hugs this summer.

Caleb & I are at the same school, and we even had music together today on his first day. It was a little odd having him in class, but I'm sure we will get used to it. I must admit it was fun catching a peak of him in the hallway and I enjoyed the tidbits of information I heard from teachers on how he was doing today. There may be times in the future I regret this decision, but I think this is one of the greatest blessings! Every minute I get to spend with this child is so precious and I am very fortunate to get these extra minutes together.

Next year this time, we will have a 1st grader and Kindergartner! Whoa! Hold the phone! That will be craziness!!!!! It's almost incomprehensible to think how quickly our lives are going to change. Believe it or not, I'm getting more and more excited each and every day! So is Jon and Caleb! We are anxious to get our Little C home and start marking milestones like this day with him too. Soon and Very Soon!!!

And now, I leave you with a barrage of photos. Be warned...  :)

In Christ,

My fellow Rice Lake Elementary Music Teacher.
We took this picture during in-service - during a down time of course!  ;)
Caleb and I made little gifts for his teachers.
We turned a mason jar into an "apple" candy dish.
Caleb was quite fond of "playing a trick" on his teachers.
He made sure they didn't bite into the apple!

 Backpack from all angles. Couldn't miss one!

One excited Kindergarten bound boy!!!

Commemorating our first day together!

His big goal currently is to be a meteorologist.
Caleb checks the weather everyday on the weather app
and likes to make his own predictions looking outside.

When asked what he looked forward to the most about Kindergarten,
his answer was "I get homework!!!"


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