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ICAB review - July 17!

Ok folks, here is the new news on the street!

First of all, I haven't written in awhile. There wasn't much to say, other than frustrating words, so I chose not to write. As many of you know, we had been waiting for the Philippines adoption board to review our paperwork to bring home Little C. We thought that this review would happen May 8th, but then were told it never happened and over two months later we still hadn't heard anything. This was so completely discouraging. I almost put thoughts of Little C "on hold" because I was so afraid that something was about to fall through. I became quite negative in this waiting period and started thinking the worst case scenario, instead of preparing and rejoicing for the upcoming events.  I kept myself busy with a community theater production and Jon has been very busy with his work, so I was able to keep everything on the backburner of my mind - but then the show ended, and I had way too much time on my hands to sit around and think. We were finally contacted a couple weeks ago!...and then were asked for some more information for some of our paperwork... my stomach flopped. I wanted to hear that all was approved, everything looked great - but I think I knew this would be what we heard. All was turned in and updated and we finally got word from our social worker that the next step was to happen...

What, the next step? As in go to the ICAB board for approval? I thought that was happening in May!??

This boy is so excited for his brother to come home!

From what our AGCI social-worker and we can gather, the May date we were told probably had to do with what our Philippines social-worker was working on. Sounds like she had to go through our dossier first and put her stamp of approval on it all BEFORE it went to the ICAB board for approval. Had we known that, I think my nerves may have not been so shot!!! Oh well. So we now know - YEY! - that our Philippines social-worker has signed off on our paperwork and is recommending us as a family for Little C.

JULY 17th is the new date!!! This Thursday - well tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon really, since they are ahead of us almost half a day. Please be praying that 1. they review our paperwork, and 2. they approve our paperwork! 

This of course means that Little C will not be home before the end of the summer. The reality of this is frustrating. Really frustrating. I still don't understand how this could be "part of the plan". I am challenging the reasoning for all of this to happen. I can't understand why God didn't help things move along faster so Little C could have more time with us while I could be home. And the answer "you'll find out at some point why the wait was so long" I just really don't agree or believe in. It's a real shame this is taking so long, for both Little C and us. My heart goes out to our little 5 year old who has lived in an orphanage for almost that whole time. We have known about our Little C since September, and by the time he comes home, he will have lived in an orphanage a whole extra year because of all of the paperwork, people writing reports, board reviews, goverment paperwork, etc. that has had to be done. It's a real shame and makes me very sad.

It's time for Little C to come home. Please keep praying that it happens soon!

In Christ ~


  1. HI Mara, I'm using this format just to contact you please do not post in your comments sections--thanks. My name is Maryanna.

    I just happened upon your post awhile back and read your story. It is quite incredible because your timeline and my families timeline for adoption from the Philippines is very similar. In fact, when you said their was a boy on the SHF list who loved music I knew who that was. I told my husband that is the boy who has hearing difficulties and sure enough later in the blog you shared that bit of information. C is the cutest little boy!

    We are waiting for a little girl from the Philippines on the SHF list. We were given profile approval back in April and sent our dossier that month. We were then asked in May for further information to prove that we could take care of a child with her type of needs. Our agent said that is a good thing because it means dossier is approved and now they are just making sure we are fully aware of the special needs requirements of this little one. We sent the letter the next day.

    Since then we have heard nothing from ICAB. We talked to our agent recently and she said that none of her waiting families have heard anything from ICAB this summer. She assumes this is because of their focus on the summer exchange program they do for older waiting children. The program is over soon and then she thinks they will be back to it. As for your wait, I know how frustrating it is. We were told by our agent as soon as we get match approval (which could be any day now) then it's a month to get paperwork together in Philippines. 3 months for immigration paperwork in the States. Then the child's final visit to Manila for physical and visa. So she said in all about 6 months from when we find out if we are matched. I thought that info might be helpful to you.

    I will also be going back to school in the fall; I'm a language arts teacher. I thought for sure I would be home with our little one this semester, but God has different plans.

    Stay strong, be encouraged! Feel free to contact me at


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