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We made it!

We are in Manila! It is currently almost midnight here, and is mid-morning in Wisconsin.

We are all very drowsy. Actually, let me take that back, Caleb is not as he slept the last 4 hour leg from Tokyo to Manila so he swears he is now wide awake. He didn't actually go to sleep until about 3 am our time - yikes! Hoping he can get some more sleep now.

Couple fun facts from our journey so far...

*Caleb has been drawing pictures in a notebook of all the different locations we have been. I wish I had time to take pictures of everything he has drawn and upload them now as they are very fun drawings of the airport, airplane, and Manila. Maybe tomorrow :)

*For my music students - the "ding, ding, ding, ding" on the airplane are actually SO - MI pitches!! I found myself echoing the pattern without realizing what I was doing!

*The layover in Tokyo showed us some Very cool origami. Hadn't even thought about things like that for our layover.

*The time to arrive in Manila is late at night because the congestion isn't as bad and the traffic was "light". We made excellent time to our hotel! Sounds like all of our other car trips won't be as fast from now on.

*All of the people we have met so far have been very friendly. They especially like Caleb.  :)  Or as we learned, it would be pronounced CAH-lub here.

*Our hotel is FANCY! We told Caleb it is probably the nicest hotel we will ever take him to. Ha! It was a little out of our price range but in the location we wanted and was highly recommended by others. We had quite the giggles more than once trying to figure things out. First we went up and down the elevator because we didn't know we had to scan our hotel room key first before it would let us punch our floor (16th by the way!) Then we couldn't find any light switches. Jon realized we had to swipe our card to turn on the lights. Good work Jon! UNTIL... the lights went out! And the doorman was ringing our door so he could deliver our suitcases. We were laughing so hard! We couldn't see a thing and just kept hearing this doorbell. Apparently we not only scan the hotel key, but we have to keep it IN the reader in order for the lights to stay on. Good times!

We start our morning meeting our caseworker, driver, and new friends around 9am. I think we are going to explore Makati and visit a museum tomorrow, although that could change. Hopefully can get a couple pictures up tomorrow!

GOOD NIGHT! I mean morning! I mean... oh goodness, time to sleep!

In Christ-


  1. I was with Laurie Carlsen, and Tina Henningsen this morning - at 11 we realized that you would be landing in Manila or on your way to the hotel! Thank you for sharing your impressions and experiences - makes me relive all of my experiences there as well! God Bless!

  2. Tater says he can't wait to meet him! He also wishes he knew that it would be such a long plane ride...He said he could've went with to play with Caleb


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