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Last night my 4-year old, Caleb, and I ended up in a short discussion about boy versus girl anatomy. He was quite groggy at the time, so I figured (or maybe just hoped) that this discussion was over... alas, it continued this morning. He just couldn't quite get over the fact that boys have different "parts" than girls do. To help make my point I said that "Mommy's have a couple things different than Daddy's do, such as only Mommy's can have a baby." Which led to the following conversation...

Caleb: When are we going to have another baby. I think we should have one.

Me: Well Caleb, Mom would really like that, but sometimes it doesn't work that way.

C: You could have another baby Mom

Me: Unfortunately it just doesn't always happen like that honey. I would like another baby but I don't think it will happen right now. Maybe someday.

C: But Mom, if you put God in your heart and ask Him, He will help you have a baby.

Loss of breath.
Eyes filling with tears.
Stammered beginning...
Yes, I have been asking God for a baby, and it hasn't happened. But I think God is asking us to have a baby not in my tummy, but He wants us to adopt.

C: What is adopt?

Thinking oh goodness, I thought you understood this - Reminder to self, he is 4 - repeat, repeat, repeat.
Adopt means to bring home a baby to our family that doesn't have a Mommy or Daddy.

C: Well that's silly.

Oh goodness again. What does my 4-year old mean by "silly"??
Well actually it's not silly Caleb. It means that a baby can have a Mommy or Daddy that doesn't have one.

C: Oh, yeah, ok, we should adopt.

This conversation still takes my breath away. Notice how I had mentioned nothing about God - Caleb was the one to bring God into the conversation. He's a smart kid. Although, his obsession with Veggie Tales recently is definitely influencing his understanding about God!  But still, what prompted him to think that God will help us have a baby? How can a 4-year old understand?

Funny how we can learn so much from a little child. Today's lesson - never forget God is in your heart - just let Him in - He will help you.


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