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Step 2 & Little C is safe

See all of the blue tags in the paperwork I am holding... that my friends is ALL of the spots that our Notary Public will have to sign & seal - 26 spots to be exact. Yikes! Bless her heart! She is a friend of ours and we are going to owe her a HUGE piece of chocolate, or something amazing, by the end of it all. Poor gal is going to have a hand cramp!

So why all the papers?
There are two different sets of paperwork here: the official paperwork putting us into the Philippines program with AGCI and the paperwork saying that we accept the Referral of Little C. Typically the referral paperwork is done AFTER the dossier, but we are doing it all a little backwards it seems!
Once these things are turned in, along with the fees that accompany them, we will get all of the documents we need to work on for our dossier - that will be step 3.

I have already spent two long & late nights working on Step 2 paperwork - not so much looking forward to Step 3, but I feel such a rush trying to get it all done. When we worked on the Ethiopia paperwork I felt like I was really slow, but I knew that we were rushing just to be put on a long wait. But it is so much different knowing that there is a face on the other side of this paperwork.

I got to write Little C's name and birth date over and over... warmed my heart  :)
Every time I wrote his name, I saw his face.
Every time I saw his face, I felt a strong desire to win this paperwork rat-race so we can see him soon!

Soon and Very Soon!

I also wanted to mention in this post, that as far as we know, Little C is very safe amidst all of the typhoon disaster in the Philippines right now. He is located in the southern islands, and the storm hit the central islands of the Philippines. Thank you to all of those who were concerned for his safety. Continue to pray for the Philippines! They are on a long road of recovery. It is so devastating to see the pictures and videos. We are curious if this could also affect timelines with paperwork approval once it is sent to the Philippines, but that isn't something to worry too much about at this point. I'll keep you updated if we learn anymore.

Ok, off to bed I go! Have to save up energy so I can stay up late tomorrow and get some Owie Owls done - thanks for the orders everyone! It is so great to stay busy with them. Keep 'em coming!

Have a great night friends!
In Christ-


  1. Great News! I am so thrilled for you guys!! Thanks for keeping us posted. Praying for peace in the paperwork and the waiting!


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