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The art of Egging

I thought I'd take it upon myself to teach the boys a lesson in egging a house. It makes sense to teach these things while they are young so you can enjoy the time with them, before they go out on their own to do it. 

We had to be pretty sneaky so we didn't get caught.

Caleb was quick.

Tope really knew how to chuck them.

And I held the bag so the eggs could be quickly accessed. 

We had a blast!!!!

Ok, ok, so before you go calling social services on this Mother, please be aware that this is a different type of egging, one to be celebrated!

The egg Tope holds says this:
You've been EGGED
There are 12 eggs hidden in your yard!
Enjoy the hunt, but don't be discouraged when you find the empty egg.
It is a simple reminder of Jesus' empty tomb--

This idea was not all mine! It was found on the overwhelming site of Pinterest! Ha! I can't tell you how often I pin something and never do it, but this time we followed through on an idea and can't wait to do it again next year! Caleb was the most excited by this adventure. He helped me pick out the eggs and the goodies we put in them, which included stickers, play-doh, candy, and some other little trinkets. Then we all stuffed them together one night, which followed by MULTIPLE questions as to WHEN we would go and egg the houses!

The best part was trying to be sneaky - which we weren't the most successful at - lol!!! We were caught two of the three times, but that is ok, it actually gave us all a really good laugh. We also really enjoyed seeing pictures of the egg hunts on facebook that our friends posted. One friend had no idea who had egged their house and it was pure delight watching the boys running around searching for eggs on a little video she posted. 

What I also REALLY like about this whole thing was that it lead us to a discussion on why we were keeping one egg empty. We hope that the families also were able to discuss this. It is so hard to keep Jesus the center of Easter sometimes when all the kids can talk about are egg hunts and the Easter bunny. I was so thankful for this beautiful idea that allowed us to share with our friends, have fun as a family, and share the Easter story. 

There is STILL TIME to get in on making a new Easter tradition! We adore this and hope you do to! Find a dozen eggs and go egg your neighbor or close friends. Guarantee the whole family will enjoy! I also think this would be a fun thing for high school students to do to their friends - good ol' friendly fun - it's good stuff.  

Here is the link to the free egg printable to hang on the house of your "victims" - lol!
Free Easter Family Home Evening Printable I should do this with my high schoolers!

Happy Easter preparations to you all as you ponder the great sacrifices our Lord made for us and then celebrate in his awesome Resurrection!

In Christ - 


  1. We loved this idea and plan to egg some cousins this weekend!


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