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The first holiday together

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!!!

We had so much to be thankful for in this Easter season. We were all healthy (minus allergies!), we had a warm house over our heads, we had lots of food to eat and to spare, we got to spend time as a family of four, and we got to spend time with Uncle Ethan. But most of all, we are most thankful for this life that we are able to live and share because of Christ's sacrifice, and after all the things that didn't go perfect over the Easter season, I am so very humbled that He gave His life for us so that I could be forgiven in all my faults and missteps as a Mother & Wife.

The actual Easter weekend was relaxing. Typically, we would drive either a 6 or 8 hour drive to visit relatives, but this year we decided to hang back and just BE as a family. It was nice to not have to worry about a dog sitter, packing clothes, keeping the boys busy for hours in the car, and eating our own food vs. restarant food for four days. Instead we ate really good homecooked food over the weekend, played with lots of legos and superheroes, ran around outside at playgrounds, and slept regular hours.

For me, the best part about staying home for Easter was going to our own church. This is only the second time Jon and I have ever been in our own town for Easter service, the first being many years ago before kids. When I was a young, we always went to my grandparent's churches for holidays, which felt normal because it was always the same routine with them and it just felt right being with my grandparents, but now those churches have changed over the years and most of my grandparents are gone, the tradition is no longer there and going to church just doesn't feel "right" I guess you could say during the holiday. I used to sing with my parents at Easter in my Grandma's church balcony and then also listen to them all sing. My very favorite was listening to my Grandma and Mother sing "Holy City". I can hear still hear them singing it in my head even though it has been many years. This year I was able to sing it at our home church and it brought back so many great memories, not to mention it felt so great sharing in the music at a church again on Easter. I also learned our church does the "Hallelujah Chorus" every year - oh how great it was to sing that again! It's been a long time. It felt comfortable being at home in our own church, and so great seeing my two little boys in their church outfits watching the brass musicians, singing along, and saying the Lord's prayer with us.

On Easter day my brother came to visit us for lunch and some egg hunting and cookie decorating in the afternoon. It was just the perfect day really. Lots of laughter, great food, and time together. At times I missed being with all of the cousins for the big easter egg hunt, but the boys sure had fun anyway running around and yelling "egg! egg!" EVERY time they found a new egg in the yard.


Ethan's masterpiece

Since it was a holiday weekend and Caleb had a couple extra days off, Jon took Monday off to enjoy the day with us. We were bummed to find out most things are closed on Mondays since we had hoped to go to a Children's museum or something of the sort, and the weather wasn't the greatest so outdoor fun was out, but the zoo was open!!! So we headed over for a day at the zoo, some Olive Garden, and then a McDonald's playground on the way home. It was a great day for just the four of us to be together without the distractions of home and work.

 Tope did awesome during the holiday "events", but I'm sure it did help that we kept everything pretty low key and stayed home. His eyes sparkled with excitement when he learned of the easter bunny and got to go hunt for eggs. Dying eggs has never been so crazy, but we had fun! And I can't tell you how much I just love having two boys in the house that can play together! It is so much fun to see them interacting and enjoying themselves. Life is not always perfect, but we are sure trying to make the most of it.

And now - onto summer!!! Or wait, sure would be nice if Spring would actually SPRING into life around here first!!!  :)

In Christ,


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