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Imagination (aka: 2016 is here)

It is a blast listening to our children and their imaginations. The boys are at the perfect age for creating all sorts of stories. Anything from Superheroes to pirates, filled backpacks to boxes of tinkertoys, legos to blankets taped under tables; these boys think of just about everything. Yesterday it hit me as I watched my two in action and I remembered how just about a year ago Caleb would say how bored and lonely he was. Although he had this imaginitave side, Mom and Dad just weren't as much fun to intrigue him with this kind of play.

Not going to sugar-coat it, raising two boys 8 months apart in age has its advandtages and disadvantages. Just as fast as these two can start having fun, they can also become very upset with eachother and have their moments of frustration, but through both happy and frustrated, I can tell that these two are most definetly brothers. It's what I had imagined and prayed for, to hear siblings laugh, bicker, sing, tease, jump, talk, dance, and love together.

I regularly look back at my lesson plans from the year before and it has been interesting looking at them from a year ago this time because the notes go from my handwriting to my substitutes handwriting. A year ago we were starting out on our journey to bring home our son! Could it really have been a year ago that we were frantically painting bedroom walls, packing bags, and buying new tennis shoes for our little one? It hardly seems possible this time could go so fast. Although, looking at the year we have had, it is no wonder time seems to be flying. We have adopted a child, I started a side photography business, we now have two children in school, Jon has been traveling abroad for his work, and we also moved to the country! Woofta, that made me tired just recalling our last year! Although I'm sure many of you could tell we've been busy with my lack of blog writing in the last 6 months.

So now I imagine new things and have started looking at what this new year, 2016, will be like. I imagine a new year where I pray our family can take it a little easier and enjoy the smaller things in life. I'm imagining the boys playing outside and us all starting a garden. I'm excited about upcoming visits with family and friends as well as look forward to quality time, just the four of us. We are also looking forward. What is in store for the Schack household in the next coming years? My guess is probably as good as yours, but I do know we aren't ready to stop adding to this clan. I'm excited and anxious to have more imaginations running wild in this household, but until then, I'll let the boys run me ragged (which they seem to do a pretty good job of most days! ha!).

We have things to work on during this year. Patience. We need a lot of that in this house, and we aren't always very good at giving it. With so much going on in the last year, we have slowly started to become frustrated about smaller things much too fast. We are all learning how to breathe more, think more, and not become frustrated so fast. Both of our boys are at a stage in life where they are learning how deal with their emotions and when they aren't happy with situations. They each handle their frustrations in different ways and we are trying to teach them how to work through their emotions and yet still know it is ok to have these emotions. In the meantime, I need to work on being a better example and not get as flustered when they are talking back or not listening. Tope continues to push many buttons, usually out of play as he finds things to be silly or funny, but slowly he is learning his expectations and that his antics are funny when done at the right time. There are days I'm sure he is still learning how to be a part of a family and live as a child that's a part of a household, and then there are other days that I see he is now so comfortable he wants to test us and see how safe he really is. Test away my boy! Although you may drive us to have gray hairs some days, this Mom and Dad could never stop loving you! Same to Caleb! Woofta he can become ornry. I really pray that he is in a phase and his sefl-sentric period will be over soon - fingers crossed.

But for every frustrating moment in our world, I swear there are a good 10+ amazing positive moments that outway the bad ones. Our boys have so many amazing qualities, senses of humor, energy, and love to share.These are the moments I want to cherish this year and fill our days with.  We have been starting January out right with a lot of time with family and friends, playing outside in the snow, organizing our new house, watching football, eating home-cooked meals, and letting the boys run around without shirts on (in the house) even though it is -33 degree windchill outside! We are letting our imaginations run wild and making memories. We aren't perfect in this household, but we are here. We are a family and so very happy to be one. Can't imagine this life without my two boys or my husband.

Without imagination, what would dreams be made of? I'm happy our imaginations keep going strong, it keeps me excited for what may come next.

Happy Cold day to you all! Was happy to find this extra time to write!


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