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For the Mothers of my children... Blessings on Mother's Day

For the woman who sits alone today...
For the woman who doesn't know him...
For the woman who grieves...
For the woman who misses all her firsts...
For the woman who isn't reading a bedtime story tonight...
For the woman who doesn't know what it feels like to hold him...
For the woman who counts the days until the next visit...
For the woman who wonders about the future...
For the woman who gave birth to a beautiful, perfect, child...

This is for his Mother.
This is for her Mother.

This is for the Mothers of my children.

I am blessed by your child. Each and every day I see the works of God behind your child's eyes. There is love, wisdom, charisma, hope, faith, and joy behind those eyes. When your child smiles, I am right there smiling along. When your child cries, I'm ready to comfort, to hold, to wipe the tears away. When your child is scared, I do my best to wipe away those fears. When your child misses you...

I stop.

I breathe deep.

For I know, the blessings in my life are not out of joy, but out of sorrow. A sorrow that is so deep within your child, that I cannot even begin but scratch the surface of helping him through that grief. You are a part of your child's heart forever, as it should be, and always will be.

I will honor that love your child has for you. And I would like you to know, that I honor today the love I know you have for your child. Whether that love poured out before your child was even born, or was poured out just yesterday, I know you loved. I know you love.

Thank you for sharing your child with me and with my family. I know it was not by your choice, but please know I am doing the best I can to give the love to your child that is needed and wanted.

I love your child something fierce.

You can be confident I would cross oceans for your child and trudge in the murkiest of streams, if it means that your child is safe and loved.

A Child of God. A Miracle. You created this tiny human that is perfect in every way.

Today I would like to send a blessed Mother's Day to you. You have been on my thoughts all day and I have mourned knowing your day has looked nothing like mine. Your child sends love your way too, in thought, through actions, and in prayer.

He misses you.
She misses you.

God's blessings.


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