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A feminine touch

How often do you think God looks down upon us and laughs at the things we think and say? I have to think, if I were God, I would be having a good chuckle at least every other hour just listening to my thoughts alone!

Here was His chuckle...

Mara: "I think we are destined for all boys in this house. The craziness of these boys! oy! This is my life."

God: "Lol! Haven't you heard that Everyone agrees that girls are much harder than boys!?!"

Mara: "For certain the only "cute" clothes I will buy will include a collar and buttons."

God: "Hehehe! You do realize that girls don't just need a pair of tennis shoes for the winter and sandals for the summer, right!? They need dress shoes, sandals, tennis shoes, cute boots, real boots, shiny shoes, easter shoes, christmas shoes...."

Mara: "It would be fun to have another female in this house. These boys could use more feminine presence. They are much less crazy. "

God: "You ask, and you shall receive! Good luck!!!! muffled laughter"

So God knew I completely misjudged what our future looked like, because out of the 9 foster children that have lived in our home, 5 have been female! And here comes another!

We are so excited to be adding another addition to our family tomorrow. She is actually the big sister to our baby boy! We have had her in our home a couple times for respite and adore this sweet girl.She is so great with her baby brother and our big boys really enjoy her too.

We know and understand that through all that sweetness is a lot of underlying trauma and grief though, so we ask for your prayers as we all settle into a new norm now as a family of six. Please pray for patience, guidance, and bountiful love to share among all our kiddos. We are ready to start sharing another piece of our hearts, whether these two stay for a long time or for just a short time. All the same, tomorrow I'm a Mama to four kids again!

The realization also hit me that she is arriving in our home just a day shy of our 6 month anniversary having her brother here. Blessed, blessed, blessed. We are so very blessed by these kiddos.

Thanks for following us on our journey and thank you even more for all of the prayers! We need those more than anything to get us through all of this crazy - albeit a good crazy - most of the time. yep, there goes God chuckling again!

In Christ~


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