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Christmas 2013

Not much to say on the adoption front. Still wondering why the homestudy isn't in our hands. I'm praying I go to the mailbox today and it is there, but my hopes aren't too high. Our international agency is positive that we will be granted an extension from the Philippines to get our things in, but I don't want to Have to do an extension!!! But I don't think my wish will be granted on that one. I'll let you know more when we know more. In the mean time, I decided to finally download our pics and share our Christmas celebrations!

This will be a looooooong post of pictures, but since many of my readers are close family and friends, I figure you won't mind. If you don't know me all that well, well then there will be a bunch of Christmas pictures to follow... You've been warned!  :)

Can you tell he likes Mario? Although, I don't think he got any mario things for Christmas come to think of it. However, he had written a second Santa letter and that one also included other various Lego sets, of which Legos is what Santa brought...  :)

Caleb had his Church program and Preschool program this year. Both were a ton of fun to watch. 
Our little boy is growing up!

Caleb helped me decorate our trees this year. It was hard for me to not change the way he put ornaments on the tree, but I got through it and have sure enjoyed looking at the creative ways Caleb hung ornaments. There are multiple spots where a second, third, and even fourth ornament is hanging from one ornament - not the tree limb. 

Caleb was also very gung-ho to help in the present department this year! Pictured is the magnet he painted for his Grandparents and a present he wrapped - all by himself - for his Aunt... LOTS of tape was used!! LOTS!!!

Our first of many celebrations with just us at home.  :)
We made a "fancier" meal, watched "The Grinch that Stole Christmas" and then sat down for presents. Typically we then play a game afterwards, but Caleb had gotten a Lego Castle set so we all sat down to build. I think Jon and I were just as excited as Caleb! Legos have always been fun, but it is really great to see the updates they have made and the fancier blocks. 

We headed to Iowa on a snowy day, but made it with only adding about 45 minutes to the trip. We were blessed to stay with my Godmother and had a fun night hanging out with her. The next day we relaxed in the morning and then went to Christmas Eve Mass with my Grandmother and parents. Following Mass we had soup at my Uncle's house, where Caleb got to hang out with Cousins (once removed-I believe). 

That night we stayed dressed so we could take pictures. We took these at about 9 at night... thus VERY happy with the results!!! Caleb insisted we also took a couple funny ones  :)
We then settled in so we could await Mr. Santa...

Caleb was very excited Santa found us at Jo's house! What a relief!  ;)

We then spent Christmas day with my Dad's cousins. 
Caleb had a great time goofing around with Uncle Ethan!

The day after Christmas we spent time with my Mom's family. 
I wanted to make these sleighs for all of the cousin's kids... but of course I kept it to the last second! Jo helped by getting out her glue gun so we could get it done in double time.
The candy sleighs turned out great! The picture on the right is of Caleb's sleigh that he insisted on making when we got home a few days later - he wanted a Super Big one!!!

We had a FULL house! It is fun watching the family grow again!

I made scarves for all of the Aunts and Cousins... here is my Uncle, modeling one of my favorite comfy ones! haha!

This is my Grandma Longhurst. She has dementia which is hard to see, especially during the holidays, as it is very confusing for her. Although she may not know who we are most of the time, I'm still very blessed that we can still spend some time with her. I'm happy we were able to make it down to see her. 

It was time to drive to Minnesota, so as Mom did a quick stop at a fabric store (imagine that!), Caleb enjoyed a warmer winter day and played in the plowed snow hill next to the store! Great way to get a little exercise before being cooped up in the car!

We arrived in our hometown and had supper with my family and then we headed over to my parent's house - for the last time, since they were moving the next day.  :(
We had a fun night of opening presents and spending time together.

This year, Caleb sang a song for Opa & Oma for their present. Due to moving boxes, I was playing the piano in a different room and couldn't see him, so he forgot words on verse three and I couldn't help. But that is ok. We were still VERY proud of him!!! He did an excellent job! 
Love, love, love listening to him sing. It is one of the greatest joys hearing him!

Aunt Rachael & Ryan

His favorite gift of the night! Thanks Aunt Rachael and Uncle Ethan!

The Family :)

The next two days we helped my parents move my into a new house, which went well. We were blessed to have "warm" weather - upper 20's. A day later it was sub-zero - soooo happy we didn't have to deal with that!

Our last night in the hometown we spent with Jon's parents and celebrated Christmas for the last time.
Caleb had spent the last couple days playing Legos with Grandpa as we helped move.
None the less though, he was excited to get yet another set to work with Grandpa!

We finally made it home, 7 days later, and very ready for a vacation! ha! 
We were very thankful for the time we could spend with family and that we had overall safe travels, only a couple slippery roads to deal with. 
We spent the next week in our jammies and building Lots of Lego sets!

Oh, and eating lots of good food....  :)
Thanks Aunt Rach for the bear pancake maker!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
In Christ,


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