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We have become the project household lately. Our last couple weeks, with many more to come, have been filled with new projects - and not just the small, time to organize the corner pile, type project, but the all out whole room makeover type projects.  A couple of the projects were planned and/or could have been worked on ages ago and one of the projects fell into our lap - almost literally....

First, the one I am most anxious to accomplish - the boy's room!
We are "upcycling" a couple old pieces of furniture, well, really just painting them and making them look presentable again. I've been even letting Caleb get in on the action. He has tested our patience (it's really hard teaching a 5 yr old how to paint!!!) but he is really excited to be a part of it all. A shout out to Grandpa too! He helped us (and also had to stay patient!) last weekend do a bunch of sanding and painting. The first coat of paint has been put on this end table and the bunk beds we found for cheap at a garage sale! We also have an old dresser that will get some paint, but haven't gotten that far yet. And a little paint on the walls will finish it off!

There will be a lot of interesting "texture" to this piece...  ;)

Next up, a project that should have been finished a year ago - when I bought the fabric... whoops! I'm quite sure our neighbors can see right into our kitchen. Poor neighbors! We REALLY do try to keep up on the dishes, but without a dishwasher, there is ALWAYS, without fail, a pile of dishes. Who knows what they think of us!?! They still seem to talk to us, so they must not think we are too disgusting! lol! So anyway, I got this material to make curtains for the kitchen windows and then I can live in semi-peace knowing the dishes are piling up on our counter, without our neighbors having to look at it. 

 The last time I made curtains was almost 10 years ago. They were each a different length and just not quite right. Luckily they were made for the window to the garage, so not a big deal. Granted, I hadn't sewn since junior high when I made those, and now I do a lot more sewing, but I'm still really nervous to make these. I don't want to mess them up!!! And I am not the biggest fan of being a completely accurate sewer, which is one reason I shy away from sewing clothes. Hopefully they turn out in the end! I will post a picture when all is said, sewn, and done!

What kind of project is this do you say? Well, this is project Caleb bonding time. Pretty soon we are going to have to spread our time out over two little boys, so I'm trying to get a few extra cuddles and shared time in now. 

Here we are reading his favorite book series, Captain Underpants. This series is full of grand wisdom for boys his age...ha! oy vey! Gotta' love reading to your kid all about wedgies and toilets! But at least he is excited to sit down with me and read. We were genuinely laughing at this part. Love hearing his laughter. Best sound ever. 

And now on to this project, the one I'm not terribly excited about, but not to worry - Jon is doing most of the work! And in the end, I'm sure I'll really love it. But among a billion other things that need to get done, all of a sudden we had to plunge knee deep into remodeling our bathroom. Why would we do a project like this when we are trying to watch our spending right now!? Well, things like this happen when you are sitting in your dining room and are seeing water leak from the ceiling. The water, Jon realizes, is coming from our Shower. Ok, so re-grout the shower. Nope, start cleaning the grout and when one tile falls out, realize that the wrong board was put behind the tile, thus you are looking at a wall of mold. Yep. Yuck.  So now all tile has been removed. Jon found a great deal on tile that was left over from a project at a decor store, and there is enough to cover our walls. In the process Jon has moved the lights up, so the mirror can move up, so he can see himself in the mirror (he is really excited about this!). He is putting wiring into above the shower so we can finally find our soap in there - it was quite dark. And he found he could widen the shower a little which will be nice. The towel rack that was falling off of the wall will now be replaced. And Jon is getting a great workout every night working on the projects in there! My amazing Mom, who tiled everything in my parent's last house, will be coming to help tile in a couple weeks, so Jon is trying to get all prep work done before she gets here. Oh and I came up with a true "upcyle" that I will be in charge of and am excited about! Jon brought home a really old cupboard that the doors will be taken off of and then we will turn it into shelves, wallpaper the back, and paint the wood.... I'm excited!!! We have VERY little storage space in this bathroom so the shelving will be marvelous to add. We know one thing for sure already - we will never build our own house! Just making decisions for a tiny little bathroom is overwhelming!!!

Well that's a little peak into the adventures happening around our house. We are praying we get it all done BEFORE Little C comes home. Yikes! Hopefully our motivation sticks! My knee needs to heal sooner than later as well, as it is making it tricky to get things done like the painting. But I'm sure all will come together in good time, I just have to be patient! Not always my strongest virtue...  ;)

Night friends!!! 
In Christ,


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