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Weekend waiting fun

Hello to Monday! It is RAINY here today. Oh my goodness the rain was whipping around. Hopefully the grass seed we sprinkled yesterday didn't blow away, but instead will sink into the ground quickly so all of the snow salt & sand that destroyed are lawn will disappear and the lawn will look pretty again!

We had a really nice weekend with family that I wanted to share. It was nice to have a couple days away to keep our mind off of "the wait". My parents and sister hung out with us Friday and Saturday. We stayed at a hotel, shopped for bathroom tile, played mini-golf, ate really good food, and then saw "The Little Mermaid" at Chanhassen Dinner Theater. A big thank you to my parents who took us to all of these events! We had so much fun! 

Caleb and his Aunt Rachael had a fun time while my parents helped us make decisions on bathroom tile...

Caleb's favorite activity, mini-golf, was once again a hit! There was a fair amount of silliness...

The Little Mermaid Musical was fantastic! I enjoyed every moment of it and it was so much fun to watch Caleb soak it all in. This was his first musical at a bigger theater. It was a really late night so we were afraid he would fall asleep, but he willed himself to stay away until 10:30. He fell asleep in the car before even leaving the parking lot! He loved the musical, even though he was afraid it would be too much of a "girl show" - thank you Preschool for somehow teaching him these thoughts! oy. The show brought back a lot of fun memories from what I believe was 2nd grade, when I watched the new Disney movie over, and over, and over, and over again! So happy we made it to the show. Thanks again Mom & Dad!!!!!

We drove through the night to get home so we could get to the last day of Sunday school. Caleb had a great time at our church's Splash Bash. There were bouncy house games and lots of other fun. Here he is with one of his good friends going down the slide. 

When we got home, I took a nap while Jon and Caleb worked in the bathroom finishing some demolition. Caleb looked so old in the pictures Jon took. He is becoming quite the little helper. Love it!

I spent time getting the fundraiser auction set-up and ready to go the rest of the day and had so much fun seeing the generous response from family, friends, and friends-of-friends. We are over the moon with how well it is already going! Thank you soooo much! 

If you want to get in on the Auction Action, here is a link that should take you directly to all of the auction photos:

Hope you all had a good weekend and Monday. 
Have a great week!

In Christ,


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