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When Mama is sick

I just got the best hug from Tope. The best! Granted it is 9:30 PM and I wish he was asleep, but after a two hour nap with this Mama earlier in the day, he is still quite awake.

I think it should be illegal for Mom's to get sick. Seriously. If only I could talk to God and let him know that it is a cruel thing to do to Mothers. There is just not enough time in the day for us to feel like all we want to do is crawl in a hole and sleep.

For the last 10 days I have been miserable. I started with a terrible head cold that has now turned itself into a sinus infection. I've never had a sinus infection, and hope I never have one again! I've been so drained, can't taste my food, and have more and more things piling up every day that really need to get done but I'm too dizzy to do them. The kids have actually been awesome though. They have been letting me sleep and do a decent job of staying out of the way when I'm not feeling well; however, I've let them get away with WAY more electronics than typical just so I knew they would stay quiet long enough to let me sleep or relax. As much as I know they enjoy electronics, it isn't fair to them (they'll realize this someday!) that I am practically ignoring them so I can rest... uggg... this too shall pass though. I finally went to the doctor today, who loaded me with meds (I'm not a fan of meds, but I'm desperate now), and I'm already starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after some first dosages.

So out of everything annoying, there has to be a silver-lining right? Well, at least I'm going to try to make one. Here are some of the things I've gotten to see in my house since I was glued to my chair instead of busy with other things...
  • Laughter as Caleb & Tope play Minecraft on the "server" - this very much excites Caleb. They get so excited to work together. A bunch of arguments now too over too many swords in chests and who knows what else, but it is fun to see them working together and having fun, even if it is an electronic game that consumes their brains!
  • Caleb is growing up. He is still a little boy, but is starting to really make some smart, smart statements and it has been fun having conversations with him this week about school, friends, and life. He too got the crud I had and was so miserable for a couple days. Poor kid. But it did make for a good excuse to have extra cuddle time with him and give him a little pampering.
  • Tope is such a cuddle bug. He has taken naps with me on the recliner the last two days and also crawled into our bed in the middle of the night the last couple nights. It is interesting how similiar his cuddle style is to Caleb's. They both like to put their arm around me - their skinny little arms - holding me like they will forever protect and cherish me. Gah! I'm so blessed with these little boys. 
  • My husband works hard, even when life is throwing a million things at him. He is currently trying to finish a gutted bathroom, prepare for a trip to Africa, take care of work stuff, and help around the house while I don't feel well. He has been super man this weekend and I'm very thankful for all his work. I'm super nervous about his trip to Africa for two weeks (a trip through Habitat for Humanity). It will be a GREAT trip for him, but I'm going to miss having him home, even if we do only really get to see eachother late at night after work, sports, & meetings. 
  • A clean house. My house has never been so clean. We have decided to put it up for sale as we have found a house kind of in the country where the boys can run and explore a little more. Thus, the house has to be clean while we try to sell it. I'm enjoying the cleanliness, and I'm not at the same time - it just doens't feel like home at times - and the extra stress of keeping it perfect is probably part of the reason why I'm still sick. But I'll get through it. Praying the house sells fast so this extra stress doesn't wear on us all for too long. I'm also thankful SO MUCH for our friends who helped us get the house this clean and helped us get many items into storage. They were complete rockstars that I'm forever grateful for helping us out like they did. We are very blessed with the friends we have made in this town. 
  • Speaking of our awesome friends, we had an amazing pool time last night with a few of our friends. Was great to enjoy the last hurrah of warm weather, turns cool again on Monday. The boys had a blast and love swimming - three sessions of lessons this summer paid off!!! 

Alright, so this is a random post, but it is where we are right now on this Labor Day weekend. It is supposed to be a weekend of rest, right? I've definetly been doing that... poor Jon not so much. Hopefully I'm healthy before school begins again on Tuesday and Tope & Jon don't catch the cold that Caleb and I have had! Fingers crossed tightly!!!

Hope you all are enjoying a three day weekend as well. Stay healthy and enjoy the end of summer!

In Christ,


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