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Mara versus Mom

The last couple months my husband and son were very generous and let me go to be Mara, instead of Mom. My husband likes to say that I like to be a "Thespian" when I can, and yes, I do enjoy becoming a different person, playing dress up, and entertaining people. But the fun antics of other "thespians" are what I really enjoy! A lot of our craziness is something that only theater people can understand, trust me-we are a bunch of odd ducks - but I love that about theater. It's a place to let your inhibitions loose. A place that I don't feel judged. A place I can let my hair down and worry very little about everything else-well, other than remembering my blocking and lines!

The last couple weeks have been performance weekends for "The 39 Steps", and among it all we have been trying to figure out the adoption steps for the little boy in the Philippines. The theater is what has kept my nerves at bay. When I have time to think about all of the logistics, I get nervous. I so badly want to bring this little boy home, but I know we still have a lot of steps to go, and a lot of uncertainty right now as to if we even will be accepted as his forever family. So, instead of freaking out at home, I can use that energy to do scenes like this... where I have to be handcuffed to a man, while trying to climb through a gate..  :)
Or use this crazy energy to play a paranoid spy...
Either way, I can escape my thoughts of uncertainty, escape the dishes at home (thanks Jon for doing soooo many of them the last few weeks!), and escape sleep... oh wait, that is something I'm looking forward to gaining again soon! I swear, adoption won't be the "death" of me...
But it does way heavily on my mind. So I'm thankful for opportunities like this play or chances to sing with the community big band, or time with church. Sometimes it is a very good thing to stay busy. Although, I'm also looking forward to time home again and spending time with my boys. I'm also looking forward to a new dossier (hopefully! as long as the Philippines accepts us) process, which will be a lot of work, but would mean we would be bringing our little boy home soon! 

This play is also kind of bittersweet, as I realized, if we do bring our little boy home next summer, then this could be the last show I do for quite a while. I will want to be home bonding, versus spending long nights away. I will miss having my theater time, but will be much happier at home with TWO little boys.  :)   So, we will see, who knows what is in the future. For today though, I will enjoy the last performance and teardown, and enjoy the joking around that only "thespians" understand, and then I will come back home and be "Mom" full-time again. Not a bad thing at all.

 Thanks to all of those who were able to come see the show! Hope you enjoyed it. And a BIG thank you again to my husband and son who lived without me for a bit. I really do appreciate it. Love you both!

Have a good rest of your Sunday!
In Christ,


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