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The day I cherish

Mother's Day is fun, yes, but October 18 means even more to me than Mother's Day ever could, because that is the day I became a Mom.

Five years ago I started my journey as a mother. This is by far the greatest journey I could have ever been blessed with. Each and every day I am thankful for the miracle I was given, Caleb is my everything, I can't imagine the last five years without him.

At one year I couldn't believe how much he had grown. He already seemed like such a "big boy" and yet I look at these pictures and see how little of a peanut he was. His smile has always been infectious - he can melt my heart so quickly!

Two years later we were into the full swing of parenthood and I couldn't get enough of being a Mommy! The terrible two's didn't really happen... that "stuff" began more at three  :)  
There are so many days I'm excited to come home to this giggle, this smile, this love...

 It's hard to believe these pictures were from years ago, sometimes it feels like it has only been days.

 A year ago....  he was looking so old!

But now as Spiderman - he really looks old!!!! lol! 
 FIVE YEARS. Where did the time go? Happy Birthday to my wonderful Big Boy.

We love you so much, Caleb Isaiah. 
May God bless you in Your New Year!


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